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There are plenty of online bookmakers around these days and I believe it is worth opening accounts with as many of them as possible.

There are a number of reasons for this, one is for betting on football online. The bookies are falling over themselves to get our custom these days and as a result they are offering markets on a whole host of things.

These days with football betting you don’t need to be an expert in knowing who might beat who to win money. You can bet (and hopefully win money betting) on the amount of yellow cards or the amount of corners, etc.

There are loads of markets available, both pre match and also in-running (markets get added after a game kicks off depending on how the game is playing out). All of these different markets give us the opportunity to become experts (ok, more informed) in other markets.

This leads on to another reason for having lots of different online bookmaker accounts. If you do become an expert in one field of football betting (or betting in general for that matter) and keep winning with one particular bookmaker, the chances are you will get subtly asked to take your business elsewhere.

This could be done by restricting your account, the bookmaker would probably do this by limiting your bet sizes to something stupid that makes you not bother betting with them any more. So to prevent this from happening, it is worth spreading your online betting around as many different online bookmakers as possible.

Another reason is because some will simply offer better odds than others. Why not shop around for the best price online? We do it in other walks of life, so why not do it with our football betting or football trading?

Some – like Paddy Power – will offer cash backs incentives. Paddy Power regularly offer money back specials, such as certain losing bets get refunded if a game ends 0-0 or a player gets sent off, etc. There are quite a few who now do offers of this nature.

The free bets on offer are another reason for opening as many online bookmakers accounts as possible. I will go into the free bets in more detail in another post. In the meantime as you can see on the left hand side of this website there is a list of online bookmakers offering over £600.00 worth of free bets.

From these free bets, you should easily be able to make £275.00-£300.00, risk free money from matched betting or bonus bagging.

This is just a taster of why it’s worth having as many bookmakers accounts as possible – there is plenty more to come.

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