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Learning where and how to follow football online is almost paramount if you want to be a successful at football betting or football trading.

There is no end of useful football online resources at your disposal. For a start you can check stats from previous matches, you can get team news from all over the world, you can get opinions and views from people watching games you haven’t access to, you can even get live updates from people actually at games you might be betting on.

Certain online bookmakers these days streams matches live, I’d say it is probably worth having accounts with some online bookmakers or betting exchanges just to be able to watch live football.

Twitter is another useful online resource. Similar to forums, you can discuss bets with other football traders. You can pick up helpful snippets of information from seasoned football watchers as too how a team has been performing lately.

You can also pick up team news fairly quickly on Twitter. This can be especially useful if like me, you like to bet using the pre match trading method. With using pre match trading, getting the team news fast and early can enable you to make a nice profit from the massive price swings you can get depending on the make up of a team, or the system that a team is playing, or if a top scorer is out.

Checking match statistics on the numerous football stats websites out there is also helpful and strongly recommended. For example, you can find out which teams score more goals in what period of a match, first 20 minutes, 2nd half etc.

If you fancy having a bet in running on a match, online football resources can be handy if the match you are planning on betting on has no live TV pictures. Again using Twitter you can communicate with people who may be at the game, or someone who has a live stream to the match.

You can also pull up live stats to see how a game is developing. If a game is 0-0 and you are considering laying the draw, you could pull up some live stats to see if there has been a lot of attempts on goal, or corners, etc. Or if one side is dominating possession, or a team has a lot of players on yellow cards – meaning a potential red card is a strong possibility, so you wouldn’t back them to win.

Ok, so it isn’t an exact science, but what is in football betting, or betting of any sort for that matter? What I do believe though, is that using online football websites is a helpful tool that could save or earn you money in the long run. So therefore it is something worth learning about.


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