Assured Soccer Profits is back for Euro 2012

Yes it’s back, but only for a limited time frame. For the duration of Euro 2012, the Assured Soccer Profits system has reopened it’s doors and will again be accepting new members.

The system’s creators previously closed the membership at the back end of February (I think it was), to focus on maintaining the high level of quality services that the members area provided – but due to popular demand it is back.

During the Euro’s, one of the system’s creators John Duncan, will be tweeting his thoughts and giving his insight into what matches he thinks might come into the equation for use of the ASP system.

Click here if you wish to take a look at the Assured Soccer Profits system for yourself……….

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2 Responses

  1. Paul says:


    I have read your posts on assured soccer profits which were very interesting, but what I would like to know in your opinion is would you say its worth the money. I would maybe buy it if I thought I might do ok with it and make some sort of profit a month. At the moment im using total football trading which seems ok at the moment.

  2. Hi Paul, sorry I didn’t reply sooner, have been neglecting this site lately (although I’ll put that right soon).

    It depends on the kind of gambler/trader you are. If you are prepared to make a small percentage on your ROI and have a lot of patience and discipline this system could well work for you. It is a long term strategy in my opinion and needs to be used on only certain matches and must be followed to the finest detail. It certainly isn’t get rich quick either. But I do believe that if you are comfortable with this system you can up your stakes percentage wise over the period of time.

    If you are all these things I believe it is worth the money as you get a lot of tutorials and help as a member, I’d go as far as to say the members experience with this system is first class, you can contact the systems’s designers for help, etc. They do look after you.

    If you’re like me (or as I have been in past) and not patient and disciplined and just use it on any old game and think you know better and don’t get out when things aren’t going right, then it definitely isn’t worth the money, as those of us with that temperament don’t need to fork out over £80 just to lose more money than we already have been. I haven’t been using this for a while now, but I do sometimes see a game that I believe that this system is made for and I do plan to go back and give it another go when I believe I have become disciplined enough.

    I also have learned a thing or two from this system with regard to trading Correct Score markets. I’m certainly glad I’ve tried it, I believe it to be knowledge gained.

    I suppose to sum it up I’d have to say that if you are a gambler, then it’s not for you. If you are a disciplined trader with a long term outlook, then it could well be worth the money.

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