Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 20)

Not much Assured Soccer Profits activity over the last week with only the three games traded. Here is the results for the week 20/02/12 – 26/02/12……

21/02/12 Blackpool v West Ham – Won £1.81
25/02/12 QPR V Fulham – Lost £1.60
25/02/12 Lyon V PSG – Won £5.53

Won £5.74

The two wins were actually topsy turvy affairs, for the Blackpool/West Ham game I had to lay the Correct Score late on to get the win, and in the Lyon/PSG game I had to lay the next goal market as AUQ was long gone with Lyon going 4-2 up early in the 2nd half.

I actually made a bit of a balls up of the Lyon game, I went out at 0-1 wrongly thinking it would be a tight affair that would stay at that score, or maybe 1-1 at worst. I was fairly shocked when I arrived at my destination and checked my phone to see it was 3-1 to Lyon and that it was still in the 1st half.

Had I been doing what I should have been I would have won more as I would have started laying the score (again – having already layed 0-0) at 2-1, as this score arrived too early in the match to sit on it. But due to me never learning my lesson and taking things for granted by going out instead of sitting at my PC, I ended up missing out on that particular Correct Score lay.

The first (and only goal) arrived early in the QPR V Fulham game and I hadn’t managed to get a 0-0 lay matched, so on I went to laying 0-1. As soon as QPR had a man sent off, I abandoned my 0-1 lay for a minimal loss as I could see the game staying at that score, and so it proved. I didn’t see Fulham chasing a second, and QPR struggle to score.

Pre match I had both teams down as a one goal team, maybe a 1-0 either way or a 1-1, so as soon as the first goal went in it was pretty much curtains for the trade, even without the sending off. A moderate loss in the end.


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2 Responses

  1. george says:

    I tend to have the same problems as yourself. I try and play it safe in regards to trading out after a goal or at 0-0 as I have been burnt so many times getting maybe 2 early goals to one team and feeling as though I have to lay the score in case it reaches AU and then the obvious happens and no more goals for the rest of the game and having to cut my losses on the 2-0. I decided to not get involved once a game went over 1-0 unless forced by early goals as I usually always end up with a loss on whatever score it finishes on. The trouble now is most games I have to trade out at 0-0 for a few pence profit I dont seem to get a goal often enough to make a decent profit usually about 1 in 5 games which seems a lot of work to win between 2 and 8 pounds. The problem is stll when a team has 2 goals if I lay that score no more goals come and if I dont you can be sure another will come its a very tricky balance to get right and seems to me if one team gets to 2 goals early enough say before 60 mins it leaves you in big trouible and usually always in a losing position unless luckily both teams keep scoring as in 3-3 or something. Looking at the results Geoff had it seems he had a great record of getting goals at the right times in games which as to date I can’t get near to matching.
    Good review though its nice to hear someone elses views and its a shame we don’t have a forum to share.

  2. Cheers George, I know exactly where you are coming from and can totally relate to your problem with 2-0 and knowing when to act on it or not.

    The ideal game is one where it goes 1-0 after about 30 minutes and stays that way until about 70 mins allowing you to get out for pennies for a decent profit – but how often does that happen?

    There are so many different permutations you have to try and deal with, and then at the end of it you may only break even or win a couple of quid. But the bizarre thing is, the system would appear to work as it has actually made a profit for me.

    I think the key is match selection. Geoff seems to have that part of the process mastered.

    I started off just doing it on nearly every game, before learning that was wrong. And even as recently as 2-3 weeks back I had a week were I traded over 20 games and I know for a fact I didn’t do my homework on them all. Discipline had gone again that week, and again that is something that is crucial when trading.

    Keep it up, and good luck.

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