Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 18)

Back to winning ways at last with the Assured Soccer Profits system, this week seen a profit of £14.05, ending a 3 week losing run.

It should have been better and would have been had I not taken my eye off the ball in the Wolves V West Brom game, as a result of this I only ended up with a scratch trade from what should have been a comfortable win. That match aside, I only traded 4 others and this is how they ended up for the week 06/02/12 – 12/02/12…..

08/02/12 Middlesbrough v Sunderland – Won 95p
11/02/12 Betis v Ath Bilbao – Won £2.37
12/02/12 Aston Villa v Man City – Won £4.18
12.02/12 FC Koln v Hamburg – Won £6.55

I traded Middlesbrough V Sunderland to the book, and as a result I had rather annoyingly reduced my liabilities before Sunderland took the lead in a game I was certain there was going to be goals in. The result of this was to have an impact on my weekends trades.

In the Betis game I covered my position late on due to a sending off and the away team parking the bus, so that reduced my winnings after the late deciding goal.

The other two games also were decided by late goals, very late in the Koln/Hamburg match. After what happened with Sunderland, I decided to take the position in some games that I am just going to take my chances on it not ending 0-0 and leave most of my liability (up to a maximum of £20), I thought this could be slightly risking with Villa V Man City, but I did have a feeling City would edge it late on with a 0-1 or 0-2 scoreline – and so it proved.

I also couldn’t see Koln V Hamburg finishing 0-0, so I was very relieved to see a last gasp winner go in for the visitors, a 0-0 there would have wiped out the whole week’s winnings again.

I have decided to be a bit more gung-ho with this system now, this is down to the fact that I have put a maximum loss amount on all trades, and also down to the fact that in being too cautious in general I am costing myself winnings.

This change should result in more losses I suppose, but also bigger wins when 0-0 lays come in. Match selection will obviously be key, but I am prepared too run with this for a while and see where it gets me. Again like last week, it will be done on a limited amount of matches.

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