Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 17)

Bit of another damp squib of a week using the Assured Soccer Profits system with a loss of £4.25 recorded. I’m not too disappointed as I was only really feeling my way back into things and I took it far more cautiously than I had previously been doing so.

Results for week 29th Jan -5th Feb….

31/01/12 Everton V Manchester City – Won 63p
01/02/12 Sunderland V Norwich – Lost £9.75
01/02/12 Fulham V West Brom – Won 78p
01/02/12 Mirassol v Paulista – Lost £3.50
05/02/12 Chelsea v Man Utd – Won £3.32
05/02/12 Zaragoza v Rayo Vallecano – Won £4.27

The obvious spanner in the works is the Sunderland V Norwich game. I traded this pretty much by the book and took action when it went 2-0 fairly early on. When it went 3-0 early(ish) in the second half I managed to get myself in a position that seen me half my starting liabilities whether it finished 3-0 (as it did) or Sunderland went on to score a 4th.

On the flip side I was quids in if Norwich had managed a goal, on another night I may well have ended up with a nice win here.

The other loss in the Mirassol v Paulista game was down to me following the market in the belief that Mirassol would score again. I could have traded out at half time for scratch, but I followed the market and stayed in waiting for the equaliser – which ultimately didn’t come.

Thursday and Friday didn’t present any trading opportunities for the system, while I also didn’t use it on Saturday as I just did a bit of good old fashioned gambling in a back to basics fashion.

Onto Sunday and I got out of the Chelsea trade at 1-0, thankfully. And I also did exactly the same in the Zaragoza match.

As a result of a rethink of late I don’t intend to be trading using this system all the time any more, I’m going to be far more selective with my ASP match selections and just use it more sparingly going forward. The main reason for this is because I intend to go back to basics a bit more with my trading and not over complicate things.

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