William Hill Free £5 Offers

Almost every week now, William Hill has an offer for a Risk free £5 to be used in the Casino area. I’ve previously noticed people writing about it on Twitter, but up until about 3 to 4 weeks back, I’d never bothered to look into it.

Now I check my account almost daily, for example there is an offer on this weekend to play Iron Man 2, and if your £5 losses, Hill’s will give you it back.

And it’s not just weekends that you get these offers either, only last week there was an offer on for Australia day, they seem to be popping up all the time.

See below for an example of where to find it on your login homepage page (I’ve seen tweets from people who struggle to see where they are), this screenshot shows you where to look for the offers… they are usually about half way down on the right hand side….. and they are often emailed to you, just click on ‘My Account’ and the emails are in the ‘Messages’ section.

I won just under £5 playing the ‘Iron Man 2’ offer tonight, I’m obviously not going to retire on that, but I almost doubled my money and it was risk free. I can’t stress how worthwhile these offers are. I’ve only won about £15-£20 overall so far, but it’s all risk free. Imagine you did drop a big win on one of these offers…

One final footnote about these offers, always make a note of the offer you played through and the day you played it. I have noticed that the money hasn’t always been returned to my account after I have lost, on every occasion I have contacted Hills through their live support and on every occasion I have been credited with the money immediately. I’m not sure how I might have got on had I not had the information available though, so it’s always worthwhile to keep a record. Good luck…


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