Nice profit landed with Ladbrokes Free bet offer

After previously earning a few quid opening a Betdaq account through a cash back site, I recently turned my attentions to cashing in on the generous looking £50 free bet offer from Ladbrokes.

Because I followed the link on the Top Cash Back site to get to the Ladbrokes site, I not only guaranteed myself a return of £28.50 out of the free bet, but I have also ensured myself a cash back of £20.60 – meaning a nice overall profit of £49.10.

And the best thing of all – is that it was all risk free.

Instead of just gambling the £50 free bet and hoping for a win. I hedged (also known as Matched Betting) it on Betfair to ensure a return of £28.50 whatever the outcome. I prefer doing it this way.

Basically, with my £50 Ladbrokes Free Bet I found a bet that was 9/5 on Ladbrokes, I then layed it on Betfair (at around 2/1) for £30 and ended up with a profit of £28.50 after commission.

At the moment there is that many online bookmakers around offering free bets that you can build up a handsome amount without taking a risk at all, and if you can get a free ‘cash back’ into the bargain, it’s a win, win double.

There is a slight downside to the Cash Back sites, and that is that they can take a while to pay out. But it’s free money and it arrives in the end, so I certainly won’t be complaining.

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