Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 14)

After having a fairly bad day last Saturday, I took a couple of days off from trading with the Assured Soccer Profits system to have a bit of a rethink of my strategy and approach.

I don’t think it hurts to sometimes take a step back to try and re-evaluate things, or just so I don’t get bogged down, bored or complacent – all of which can lead to bad decision making that could cost me winnings.

Anyway, not sure if it was down to the 2 day break, better match selection, a change in strategy or just simply a change in luck, but I managed to record a welcome profit of £23.79, from the 9 games traded.

Here is the list of those 9 games….

10/01/12 Cambridge Utd v Grimsby – Won £3.15
11/01/12 Tottenham v Everton – Won £1.57
11/01/12 Birmingham v Ipswich – Won £2.14
14/01/12 Blackburn v Fulham – Won £2.37
14/01/12 West Brom v Norwich – Won £8.55
14/01/12 Sevilla v Espanyol – Lost £4.77
15/01/12 Newcastle v QPR – Won £7.98
15/01/12 Gijon v Malaga – Won £1.85
15/01/12 AC Milan v Inter – Won 95p

Taking a brief look at some of those games, I traded out of Tottenham V Everton for a small profit at 0-0 just before the opening goal. It was partly down to the fact that an easy green was available at the time and I was rebuilding my betting bank, and partly down to the fact that I expected Spurs might slip up here against a struggling Everton side probably happy to leave with a 0-0.

Birmingham V Ipswich was fairly routine with an early goal, but I was worried about Ipswich’s recent record of letting in goals, so I closed out my position fairly early in the first half.

I reduced my 0-0 liability in the Blackburn V Fulham game as soon as the sending off happened as I felt it could result in Blackburn going defensive. I left a small red on 0-0 and a small green in the middle. Luckily for me I completely closed out my position at HT (it was 1-0 by then), otherwise it would have been a hairy last 10 minutes or so with Blackburn scoring a 3rd in the 79th minute.

The West Brom and Newcastle matches were perfect with a goal coming in the nick of time in both games. In the Gijon and AC Milan matches, I covered my 0-0 liability in the first half as I smelt 0-0’s.

The Seville match was the only lose of the week. When having my rethink at the start of the week I decided to cover 0-0 by around the 35 minute mark in games which I thought had potential to be low scoring.

The flip side of that was that I also decided with games in which I was fairly certain there would be goals, I wouldn’t be so cautious with covering 0-0, instead just significantly reducing my liability, while making sure I didn’t get caught at the other end of the trade with a 2nd half goal rush.

I believed that Seville fitted this bill. I thought that there was bound to be a goal in this match, so as a result I left a bit more green in the middle and left myself with a £4.77 red on the 0-0 (as opposed to no red, like in AC Milan game, etc).

In the true fashion that is ‘Sod’s Law,’ Seville was the only game that finished 0-0, and all the games I thought might have a chance of ending 0-0 and thus covered that particular score – had bloody goals in them.

So in a way I was a bit annoyed that what ended as a good week, could have been a much better week had I been a bit less cautious.

Having said all that, deep down I believe that I did the right thing here. This is the method that I think is going to be most productive in the long run. As I have wrote on this blog many times before, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, it involves patience and discipline – something, which sadly I generally lack in a bad way.

Onto my Assured Soccer Profits results page and I’m pleased to say that profits are back above the 3 figure mark – hopefully there will be no going back to double figures this time.

This now leaves me with an overall profit of £102.05 from 117 games traded, still well below where I’d like to be, but I feel I’m now heading in the right direction (why did I just write that – I can see next weeks review already).

I’d also like to mention that I intend to try and update my site more regular. If all goes to plan I will try and update in midweek when things will be fresher in my mind of games I have just traded, rather that waiting until the weekend, when I have generally forgot why I did certain things during matches.

Anyway, onwards and upwards is hopefully the way, so good luck to all and let’s hope for a successful weeks trading.


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