Weekly account update – Simply a disaster

The previous week was nearly a disaster, last week WAS an absolute disaster – so if there is plenty of swearing in this blog post, please don’t be offended.

As I pointed out in my Assured Profits System weekly round up, I had a bit of a stinker to say the least on the Saturday. So what did I do to rectify that? I chased on Sunday, and with a hangover so I wasn’t completely thinking straight – all in all, a total f—ing recipe for disaster.

I’ve looked back at the offending bets and to be honest the bets themselves weren’t the problem, it was the vast amounts staked, as I stepped way outside of my staking plan.

The games in question were Doxa Dramas v Olympiakos, and Ankaragucu v Besiktas. Both games seen a heavy odds on favourite, both games ended 0 ‘f—ing’ 0.

I started off laying Under 1.5 goals in the 2nd half of the Besiktas match (Besiktas had a SP of around 1.42). When no goals came, I topped the lay up, then still no goal arrived. So I played my last hand and layed 0-0 to cover the lot (not a mistake I’ve never made in the past!!).

And not a mistake I had to wait long to make again, about 30 minutes was plenty enough time.

Onto Olympiakos, who touched 1.11 in running just to win outright away from home. So when I noticed they were still 0-0 after about an hour, I thought “bingo, here is the chance I need to get my Besiktas money back, and straight away”.

So again I layed Under 1.5 goals, again I topped up at about 75 minutes, again I layed 0-0 on about 85 minutes, again I lost a sodding fortune.

As I stated above, I don’t think with hindsight that the two bets were that bad. It was the abandoning of my staking plan that was the problem. If I had stuck to my usual staking plan this wouldn’t have happened.

I think I can trace the root of the problem back to my lazy ASP trades on the Saturday. I got back into the mode of just assuming that any game would work for the ASP system, and as a result got my fingers burnt. And that in turn led to my chasing on Sunday.

I ended the week with my account showing about £65.00, with the ASP losses contributing to that. I currently can’t really be bothered and don’t really have the will to put up my weekly running total, I will get round to updating it though – probably in next weeks blog.

I’m afraid it’s now time to get back on the bike and wait until I inevitably fall off again.

Just for good measure, I’m going to shout this one more time at myself………….YOU STUPID BOLLOCKS

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