Weekly account update – Nearly a disaster

At close of play on Sunday night (01/01/12), my account was showing £141.49, a weeks loss of £41.57. Considering I lost over £50.00 on the Manchester City game alone on Boxing Day, I’ll take that as a positive result.

Week EndBankTarget Amount (7%)
01/01/12 – £141.49 – £195.87
25/12/11 – £175.42 – £183.06
18/12/11 – £178.00 – £171.09
11/12/11 – £199.96 – £159.90
04/12/11 – £160.57 – £149.44
27/11/11 – £153.18 – £139.67
20/11/11 – £143.56 – £130.54
13/11/11 – £122.00

Basically on Boxing Day, I was visited by an old friend, greed. I was on Twitter and all the punters/traders, whatever you want to call them, were tweeting about filling their boots on Manchester City at West Brom, easy money, etc.

So by half time – when it was 0-0 – I was sitting there thinking, “I’m having some of this as well.”

So I piled into a lay of Under 1.5 goals. It was a cert that Man City would score at least one, and then I trade out for an easy profit. If the goals doesn’t come, I’ll lay the 0-0 late on as City are a definite to score.

How wrong was I, with the combination of laying Under 1.5, continually topping that lay up and then laying the Correct Score, I lost over £50, getting on for nearly a third of my total betting bank. Absolutely bloody ridiculous!

Anyway, I wasn’t happy to leave it there. Liverpool were still playing and had about 10-15 minutes left and they were 1-1 at home to Blackburn at the time. Bingo, I can win it all back here, after all, Blackburn are crap and won’t get anything at Anfield.

First I layed Under 3.5 goals in the hope of a quick goals for a cheap(er) trade, when that didn’t come, I again piled into a lay of the Correct Score. I didn’t keep figures and I dare not check my account, but I know I did another £25-£30.

Not content with that, I then backed Overs in Stoke V Aston Villa as I thought it represented better value than Unders. Any trader with half a brain knew that Unders was the bet, but because it was short, and I was in chasing mode I went in on Overs and lost another £25 on one of the worst 0-0’s in recent history.

I’d basically done over a hundred notes on 3 games in a day. Thankfully I did manage some wins on other games that day and I ended that night with about £100 in my account, around £75 down.

Where I am pleased is that I did regroup after that and abandoned any gambling and resorted to just trying to rebuild my account using the Assured Soccer Profits system. In the past I would probably have tried to win the losses back the next day – and probably bottomed out the whole account. So that is the one good positive point to come from this debacle.

Where I need to further improve is when I have a calamity bet. I should have kept calm after the Man City bet and just concentrated on rebuilding there and then, as opposed to chasing. I did have a major rush of blood, and there is no getting away from it.

If I had adopted the approach I took the following day – straight after the City bet – I would have saved myself about £50, and as a result, would have already been back in profit.

As I eluded to above, I concentrated on the Assured Soccer Profits system after Boxing Day. It demands discipline from me, so it’s worth using it for that reason alone. Thankfully it came good for me and won me £41.76, as shown in my last blog post about my week’s ASP trading. It’s thanks to this system that my account recovered to show £141.49.

Further to that, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that it is the only trading that is making me a profit at the moment. So for that reason, discipline pending again, I’m going to try and focus on just using this system for the foreseeable future and see where it gets me.

Good luck and a happy new year to all readers, and here’s to (hopefully) a successful year ahead trading.

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