Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 12)

Quite a lot of games traded this week, 16 in total, resulting in a weeks profit of £41.76 – an average of £2.61 a match. Here is a list of the games traded with the ASP system between 26/12/11 and 1/1/12…..

26/12/11 – AFC Wimbledon v Oxford Utd – Won 47p
26/12/11 – Bolton v Newcastle – Won £1.14
27/12/11 – Sheff Utd v Notts Co – Won £3.99
27/12/11 – Swansea v QPR – Won £6.03
28/12/11 – Leixoes v Uniao Madeira – Lost 60p
28/12/11 – Maccabi Haifa v Ashdod – Won £5.46
28/12/11 – Ajman Club v Al Shabab – Won £1.09
29/12/11 – Moreirense v Naval – Won £4.89
31/12/11 – Leicester v Portsmouth – Won £4.75
31/12/11 – Derby v West Ham – Won £1.19
31/12/11 – Bolton v Wolves – Won £2.85
31/12/11 – Middlesbrough v Peterborough – Won £3.04
31/12/11 – Norwich v Fulham – Won £4.42
31/12/11 – L Orient v Charlton – Won £1.00
01/01/12 – West Brom v Everton – Won £1.09
01/01/12 – Sunderland V Manchester City – Won 95p

Due to the disaster that took place on Boxing Day (I lost a lot on Manchester City’s 0-0 draw with West Brom, first laying Under 1.5 goals and then 0-0 in the Correct Score market. On top of that I chased late on in the Liverpool V Blackburn game, laying CS and Under 3.5 goals (was 1-1 at the time). Then for some ridiculous reason I also chased in Stoke V Aston Villa, backing goals in the most drab 0-0 for years.) I ended up trading a lot of games using the ASP system as I deemed it the safest way to hopefully claw back some of my stupid losses.

This resulted in some obscure games been traded when their wasn’t many games available to trade, and also a lot of trades last Saturday. Overall though, it was a successful week for the system, probably more by default, but a week’s profit of £41.76 is more than acceptable to me.

This backed up my theory that clawing back my losses was probably best done using this system, and if I can make £40 plus a week using this method, then it could be advisable for me to abandon other gambling methods and maybe just stick too using the ASP system for the foreseeable future.

Also, as I eluded too in my last blog post, I hope I have reached a watershed moment with the system and I can be more profitable going forward.

I’m not going to get too carried away just yet though, as come next week I could (and probably will) be sitting here writing about some ASP disaster.

The overall ASP results now shows a running profit of £94.44 from 93 games traded, so at least I’m back over a £1.00 a game profit.

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