Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 11)

After the previous two weeks activities, I’m more than happy to report that I’ve had a very quiet and uneventful week using the Assured Soccer Profits system.

There was a couple of factors why it was a quiet week. First, I suppose my confidence had taken a bit of a hit after the last couple of weeks and it was also partly down to there not been many games due to it being the Christmas week.

I was very circumspect with my stakes, which I suppose is an obvious reaction to what happened. As a result of these factors I only traded the 6 games, resulting in a modest profit of £12.68.

Here is a list of the ASP games I traded between 19/12/11 to 25/12/11

19/12/11 – St Pauli v Eintracht Frankfurt – Won £1.99
20/12/11 – Wolves v Norwich – Won £2.09
21/12/11 – Aston Villa v Arsenal – Won £2.28
21/12/11 – Ath Bilbao v Oviedo – Won £3.14
22/12/11 – Once Caldas v Junior – Won £1.17
23/12/11 – Moreirense v Nacional – Won £2.01

This has taken my overall ASP results up to a profit of £52.68 from 77 games. This works out at a profit of just under 69p a match on average, which is some way short of where I would like to be.

The systems creators work on an average of £4 profit a game. I didn’t expect to be anywhere near that amount as I’m not using the higher level of stakes they were basing that average figure on, but I did expect to be doing better than 69p a game.

I’d have hoped to be hitting a figure somewhere in the region of £1.50-£2.25 a game. Maybe that’s too high as I’m still only finding my feet with the system, I don’t know?

I had also hoped to have been happy with my returns and implementation of the system after 100 games, that also doesn’t now look likely. Anyway, I’ll keep going.

Finally, I did mention in last weeks post that I thought I may have spotted something worth looking into a bit more, unfortunately I didn’t really notice the trend in the games I’ve traded since. But saying that, there was only 6 of them, so I’ll keep looking.

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