Assured Soccer Profits Review (Week 10)

This was my 10th week using the Assured Soccer Profits system and it has to be said was my worst week by far, and this comes right on the back of the previous weekend’s calamities.

This time I have to say that with the benefit of hindsight, my two major losses were in the main down to my own misjudgements.

Starting with the first of my two Saturday losses, and it was in the Newcastle V Swansea game. Now it didn’t take a great deal of research to find that Swansea have had quite a few clean sheets in the league this season, and also aren’t the most prolific scorers on the road.

Also taking into consideration that Newcastle games aren’t exactly goal feasts (except Norwich last weekend), this has to go down as very bad match selection. When I select matches I tend to look for games that I expect might end 1-1 or 2-1 either way, as opposed to 4-2 or 5-1, for obvious reasons. But the problem with these games is that they tend to be between equally matched sides who can sometimes cancel each other out.

In hindsight I think this game fitted more into the 1-0 category, with one goal more likely to decide it. Maybe I need to drop games like this, after all a 1-0 game can be decided in the 90th minute meaning that I would have used up most of my green covering some of my 0-0 red at half time, resulting in me having about £1 to be gained, with about £15 to be lost if it stays 0-0.

When I look at it like that, I have to say is it really worth the risk?

As it turned out, this is exactly what happened and I ended up recording a loss of £16.75 on this game.

I also lost a large amount on Schalke v W Bremen. I chose this game because I thought the AUQ price was way too short for a game that was 3rd V 5th. I layed it at 8 pre kick off, it came into around 7.4 to 7.6 in the end.

Because of the shortness of AUQ, 0-0 was way too high to lay. So to compensate for this, yes you’ve guessed it, I piled into AUQ for my profits instead.

I left myself a liability of around £40, which was ridiculous really. I never leave that much red on one price using this system, so I really don’t know what possessed me into doing it on this occasion. For those not aware, the ‘close’ match between 3rd and 5th ended up a close 5-0 to Schalke, costing me £30.70.

In concluding I have to put the Newcastle V Swansea game to bad match selection, and the Schalke V Werder Bremen match down to bad bet execution. Totally my own fault on both counts.

Anyway it wasn’t all totally bad, I did win on quite a few games. Here is a list of my ASP activity between 12/12/11 and 18/12/11.

13/12/11 – FC Koln v Mainz – Won £1.14
17/12/11 – Fulham v Bolton – Won £3.80
17/12/11 – Blackburn v West Brom – Won £1.09
17/12/11 – Newcastle V Swansea – Lost £16.75
17/12/11 – Gijon v Espanyol – Won £1.41
17/12/11 – Schalke v W Bremen – Lost £30.70
17/12/11 – Mallorca v Getafe – Won £2.23
17/12/11 – Wigan v Chelsea – Won £2.85
17/12/11 – Ath Bilbao v Zaragoza – Won £1.90
17/12/11 – Lyon v Evian TG – Won £2.17
18/12/11 – Academica v Sp Lisbon – Won £3.32
18/12/11 – Cercle Brugge v Gent – Won 95p
18/12/11 – Valencia v Malaga – Won £1.23

Overall my winning bets came to £22.09, my losing bets came to £47.75, meaning a loss of £25.36 was recorded over the course of the week, which is very disappointing when I look at the manner in which the two losses were recorded.

I will update my Assured Soccer Profits Results Page later in the week, there is also a few other games I need to add to the list. The main thing is that it is still showing a profit, and that has to be taken as a positive and built upon.

I am going to slightly rethink my strategy over the next few days, and I’m also going to slightly experiment with the system after having potentially spotted something last weekend.

As ever, I will again state for any new readers that this system isn’t easy to just pick up and master and I still regard myself as only learning it. There are obvious errors I need to cut out of my implementing of the system, and until I do, I don’t believe that I am in a position to say whether or not it is for me. Although like I also said earlier, it is still showing a profit, and I haven’t invented any systems that have done that yet.

If you wish to check out the system for yourself, more information is available here.

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