Another Pre Match trade cock up

Not content with getting away with my near disastrous lay of Under 3.5 goals in the Chelsea V Man City game last week, I had another go at throwing away half my betting bank tonight, this time laying AUQ pre match in the Blackburn V Bolton game.

I layed AUQ pre match at 9.4 for about £12 leaving a nice £100 red on it, then right on kick off the price shot down to 9, so again I though I would wait 5 minutes for the price to settle down and get my money back. And again, before I had a chance a goal flashed in.

I then thought, not too much damage done, the game will probably settle down and if there is a second goal it will probably come from Blackburn. With this in mind I can just sit tight and the price will get back out to where it was when I layed it.

And I was right as the price hit 9.6 at about the 25-26 minute mark. Blackburn were attacking so I left it, it then hit 10 and I though I want to leave with a couple of quid profit now, so I was waiting for 10.5 to get out.

I wouldn’t mind but when I seen Bolton attack, I decided to take 10 and attempted to trade out, the count down was showing 1 second left when the suspended sign appeared for Bolton’s second goal.

I couldn’t believe it, but when all said and done, it was serves me right.

This time I couldn’t take any chances, I know that it was highly unlikely that AUQ was going to come in, but at 0-2, if there is a 3rd goal for Bolton I would have had absolutely no where to go really.

So with this in mind I took my medicine and backed AUQ at 4.3 for an all round loss of around £14. I then backed 2-2, 3-2, 2-3 and 3-3, hoping for a Blackburn comeback and a goal feast, but it obviously didn’t happen.

The annoying thing is that the bet actually won, the problem is that I can’t afford that sort of liability with my bank. I’m trying to prove to myself that I can trust myself to handle my bank properly, in the hope that if I can behave in a more serious manner, I can ‘invest’ (haha) a larger sum in it after a few weeks.

This latest stupid error just proves that I am miles away from getting myself into that position. Anyway, maybe I will learn for real this time, so onwards and (hopefully) upwards.


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