Assured Soccer Profits Update – A wake up call

It had to happen, and if I’m honest it had been coming for a while. Yes, after a good run, I’ve had my arse kicked by the Assured Soccer Profits system this weekend.

The last time I updated on my ASP trades was after Match No.36 listed on my ASP results page. After the Leicester V Blackpool match my profits went up from £54.89 to £82.38, I was within a whisker of taking my profits over the cost of buying the system on Saturday when Mainz v Hamburg finished 0-0 and cost me £23.72.

To further compound my mood I was then stung by a second German game on the same day finishing 0-0, this time Hannover v Leverkusen, this game cost me a further £17.50. So after a 29 game winning run, two defeats on Saturday demolished a lot of the good work and handed me a loss of £41.22, ouch!

I don’t believe the two losing games I picked were bad choices form wise either. There was nothing to suggest either game would end 0-0, so it was important not to beat myself up over it – as has been done in the past.

Anyway, never mind. What happened next is the biggest positive to take out of the whole weekend for me. Bearing in mind I knew I would lose on the system soon, I believed I was mentally half prepared to take a hit (I don’t think I’ll ever be totally prepared for a loss).

What I wasn’t prepared to see, was half my winnings wiped out in one day. So the way I responded to this big hit has cheered me no end.

I didn’t lose the plot and start recklessly gambling trying to get it back, I licked my wounds and got back on the bike and carried on doing just what I had been doing for the last few weeks. I know there was a time not too long ago when I would have been raging with what happened and would have done something stupid (gambling wise).

But a quick look at my results showed me I was still well in profit, the system had worked well for the last 29 games, so why not another 29 games? So basically all I had too do was carry on doing what I had been doing previously. No rocket science involved, just a bit of common sense required.

I then hit back with ASP wins on Norwich v Newcastle – Won £3.15, Twente v NEC Nijmegen – Won £3.04, Betis v Valencia – Won £3.32, Inter v Fiorentina – Won £3.80, Sunderland v Blackburn – Won £3.87, Villarreal v Sociedad – Won 81p, Stoke v Tottenham – Won £3.23 and Instituto v Merlo Won- £2.98.

That now leaves me at £65.36 after 58 matches, to be honest I would have liked to have been showing a more healthier profit at this stage than just over £1 a game. But at the end of the day I suppose I’m showing a profit and I’m still learning about the system.

I had another read of part of the manual a week or so back to try and hone my technique a bit more, and to remind myself of the exit strategy if no goals arrive before half time.

I was reminded that (as there is that much to take in, it is easy to forget things, believe me) in the example used in the guide, the operator of the system executes the trade in a way that his green should be able to buy him out of his 0-0 at around the 35-45 minute mark.

The only problem in doing it this way is that I would need to leave myself greatly exposed with my ‘red’ on the higher score part of the trade, something I’m not too keen on doing. I am attempting to implement the system in a way where I should only lose around £15-£17 on a 0-0, so in this respect my calculations were a fair bit out in the Mainz v Hamburg (lost £23.72) game, and probably just a touch too high in the Hannover v Leverkusen (lost £17.50) game.

As I have stated before I am still learning this system. There is a lot to take in and I am still trying to hone my trades to suit my bank and my style of trading. ie, I’d rather put my large red on the 0-0 side of the trade due to not liking sitting on a higher score red, my nerves get shot hoping a 1-0 game doesn’t go 2-0 too quickly.

So for the time being I am going to stick to what I’ve been doing. I’m going to continue with my experiment and hopefully keep learning and see where it takes me.


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2 Responses

  1. Lee Graves says:

    Cracking posts regarding ASP mate, i also use this system and am also experimenting with it. The problem i find is the amount of money that gets tied up when using it, you have to wait until the end of the game for it to be settled before moving on to the next game. So for example, a £100 bank can be tied up on one match to win a few pounds.Also my lapses in deiscipline cost me when i think there must be a goal here, so let it run, and sods law there isnt one and i wipe out 7 games profits!!

  2. Hi Lee, thanks for the feedback.

    It is frustrating having money tied up for the whole 90 minutes, I know where you are coming from there.

    I have been really good with my discipline since the Porto game (match No.19 on my results page), that game gave me the kick up the arse needed to limit my losses.

    It is hard work trading out, and I have been very surprised that I haven’t lapsed since that match. As you mentioned, ‘sods law’ – it will always catch you out in the end, I know only too well about that.

    I don’t know the exact stats, but I didn’t lose for 30 odd games, so if I’d left all those bets to run I’d be miles ahead by now. Another example of ‘sods law.’ But you know as well as I do that if I had left them, about 10 of them would probably have ended 0-0.

    I am though trying to do my bets in a way that I only lose £15 if it ends 0-0, I haven’t quite managed to master it down to a fine art yet though. The problem for me is the ANQ price, if it’s too high I don’t lay to much on it, which gives me less equity to back 0-0 with.

    I also hate sitting on the AUQ red, it’s not good for my nerves.

    Anyway, I’ll keep trying and please keep in touch and leave feedback as I’m sure it can be beneficial to us both to discuss where we are going wrong/right.

    I do mean to try and update more often than I have been lately, but I just haven’t had the time, hopefully I’ll get sorted soon and update more regularly.

    Regards, Dean

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