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Over the last few weeks I have been looking into different ways of building up my betting bank. As I already have many of the mainstream bookmakers accounts, William Hills, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, etc, I have had to look towards the newer bookmakers whom I’ve never used before to claim free bets to build up my own personal betting bank.

Also my missus (it’s not me masquerading as her, honestly) has started to build a betting bank by opening new accounts. Basically she is looking to get all the free bets again from the mainstream bookmakers that I already have accounts with, as well as eventually getting round to the newer ones as well.

While looking into this she has come across Cash Back Sites, Top Cash Back and Quidco, where you get money just for buying things or for signing up for things like Sky TV, Credit Cards, etc.

On discovering these sites she has realised that you can also get money for signing up for bookmakers accounts, and in some cases you can get the free bets as well, so it can be a win double.

For example, she has just signed up for a Betdaq account with one of these sites and got £20 for it. She already had a Betfair account, but if she hadn’t, she could have earned another £10 for opening one through this particular cash back site.

There is a qualifying criteria. With Betdaq, my missus had to deposit and wager a minimum of £30 for her first bet, with Betfair (if she had been opening a new account) she would of had to have deposited and wagered a minimum of £10.

Basically, what she did was deposit £30 in Betdaq and bet the £30 on a darts match at around 10/11 (a two horse race) in the recent Grand Slam of Darts, she then backed the other player on Betfair to make sure she all but covered the £30 (she got around £28.50 back after commission). For doing this she pocketed (sorry, I mean handbagged) £20 from the Cash Back Site.

If she didn’t already have the Betfair account, she would have earned £30 for doing this (£20 from Betdaq, £10 from Betfair).

The Cash Back Site she used is called Quidco, she’s since found another one called Top Cash Back. She told me they both seem fairly similar, except Quidco charges £5 a year, while Top Cash Back is free.

She has now noticed that there is a load of bookmakers on both of these sites, some with free bets as well. For example, there is a £50 free bet available with Ladbrokes, along with £20 cash back, as she doesn’t yet have a Ladbrokes account, she’s told me that is her next task.

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