More wins with the Assured Soccer Profits system

I’ve traded a further 4 games since last weekend’s update with the Assured Soccer Profits system, resulting in a further profit of £13.98.

The games I traded are…

Charlton v Huddersfield – Won £4.75.
Instituto v Rivadavia – Won – £1.90.
Derby v Brighton – Won £2.30.
Leicester v Blackpool – Won £5.03…..

the overall profit now stands at £54.89, the results can be found here.

Clearly my knowledge of Instituto and Rivadavia is limited (ok, non existent), but I noticed that the home side were heavy odds on favourite and a goal down, so I had a feeling there was another goal left in the game and the odds stacked up at the time to implement the trade.

I did have a bad feeling after a while, but luckily Instituto equalised mid way through the 2nd half (if my memory serves me right) and I got out with a small profit.

Of the other games, Charlton V Huddersfield looked perfect for the system, I had it down as a possible 1-1, 2-1 or 1-2 result. Derby games rarely go goal mad, so that was a basic trade.

I was a bit worried that Leicester might put someone to the sword, but it never materialised and I got out just after half time in case of late goals.

All in all I am happy with the trades, maybe I should have left Leicester alone, I don’t know, I’m sure there are safer trades out there. The point is that I can worry too much and talk myself out of doing trades, I think the balance of games I chose was reasonable enough.

Again, I must stress that it is steady progressive profits, not big wins. This system isn’t about big wins, and I am slowly learning myself that steady weekly profits are the best way forward, and this system seems to be providing this for me.

I didn’t do any games on Wednesday using the system, I’m not a massive fan of getting involved in Carling Cup and Europa League games, although I’m actually very annoyed that I didn’t look into the Stoke game more tonight. In hindsight, and that’s a wonderful thing, this game was a perfect match for using the system, but never mind.

Had I got involved and it had cost me, I would have been fuming with myself.

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