Assured Soccer Profits Update

I have been using the Assured Soccer Profits system for around 5 weeks now and have had mixed results to date. I did think all was going along swimmingly well until result No.19 kicked me up the arse in spectacular fashion and all but wiped out 3 weeks profits.

I wouldn’t mind but I shouldn’t have used the system on that particular game as there was the risk of too many goals, and the game went and ended up 0-0, the exact opposite reason of why I shouldn’t have used the system for that particular match. I’m sure only I could achieve that dubious feat.

Anyway, the size of the loss wasn’t down to the system. The size of the loss was down to a certain stupid individuals own self styled interpretation of the system. Put simply, I didn’t trade it properly, the £30.40 I lost, should have been around the £15-£18 mark.

It is also a pretty damn stupid thing to do with a system that I am generally only expecting to make around £2-£4 a match on.

As you can see from looking at the rest of the results of the other games traded, they are all fairly moderate wins along with 4 other fairly moderate losses.

Of those other 4 losses, the first result (Norwich V Swansea) was an inexperienced balls up brought on by panic from a couple of early Norwich goals, I should never have lost in this game. While the losses on the Marseille v Arsenal and Valencia V Bilbao games, was simply down to yours truly not implementing the system properly, as both would have won had I traded the games properly.

The other match, Chelsea V Arsenal, was a freak result which I could have got a scratch out of, if I had traded it better. I do remember though being very happy at the time getting down to an all round ‘red’ of just £2.50.

So off the 5 losses, two were my fault for not trading the system properly, one was inexperience and panic, one was just one of those games. While the Porto one which lost, should have been for a smaller red.

In summary, of the 25 games traded, I should only have lost in 2 of them, and I should have lost a lot less than I did in one of those matches.

With last nights Coventry V Cardiff result I’m now near enough back up to a profit of £1 a game. That is short of where I want to be and is well short of the system’s creators target of £4 a match. I’m now using slightly smaller stakes than the creators based their £4 a match strategy on, but I still want to show a profit of around £2.75-£3.25 a match to make it feel worth while.

I am now trying to construct my trades so that I am only leaving a £15 red on 0-0 if I need to trade out because of no goals

I believe I’m still on a learning curve and one valuable thing that I’ve picked up about this system is that I really do have to tailor it to my own style of trading. I need to plan in my own head what is an acceptable loss that isn’t going to ruin a weeks good work with one duff result like the Porto one.

I think I started off using this system on just any old game expecting to make a profit, I am no longer doing that and last night’s selection for example, Coventry V Cardiff, was based on the 1-1, 2-1, 1-2 area, that I expected the score to be around, and so it proved. I have also identified a few other teams that I believe are well suited for use with the system.

I suppose when I sum it up in the cold light of day it’s just like trading in general, I still need to do my homework, pick my games carefully and plan my bets around an acceptable level of loss.

And also like trading a particular system in general, it isn’t just going to earn you money if you pick any old games and go into the process not fully focused on what you are trying to do, it’s a no brainer really and probably goes to show where and why I have gone wrong with trading in the past.

You can take a closer look at the ASP system by clicking here

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