Back on track

Another week over and I’m happy to be able to report some profits at last, not a massive amount, but slow accumulation is supposed to be my aim so I’m not complaining. I’m still not back up to what I’ve put into the account recently, but at least I’m heading in the right direction.

The main bulk of my weeks profit was down to cricket, if only West Indies could play a test match every week. Backing India a couple of times throughout the 2nd test match resulted in a win of just under £19.

I also won a few quid laying Costa Rica, when they were 2-0 up against Spain and backing Over 3.5 goals, this covered my loss on Over 2.5 goals in the Italy V Uruguay game.

Looking back and thinking to myself, backing Over 2.5 goals in an Italy game, did I temporarily lose my mind? In the cold light of day I would never do a bet involving Italy and goals, but at the time I backed it they were 0-1 down at home to Uruguay and I thought an equaliser at the very least would come.

I also didn’t put much on it as I did it with a view to laying the Correct Score late on if it was still 0-1, as I expected it to end 1-1, but couldn’t lay 0-1 at half time.

Onto the weekend and as I was heading to the Ricoh to watch Coventry play I didn’t do much on Saturday, I did do another pre match trade on Over 2.5 goals in the Norwich V Arsenal game and ended up with a free £2.50 green on the Overs, had I not been messing around while getting ready to go out I could have got matched at better odds, as I noticed that I missed a better price while I was away from the computer.

I have stated before that pre match trading is something that I’m going to look to do a lot more in the future, I had to put £75 on Over 2.5 goals to get the free green, not sure what percentage it works out at, but it is obviously better than 2.5%. Do that a couple of times a weekend with a bigger betting bank and I estimate I should be able to achieve most of my accumulative planned profits using this method alone.

Onto Sunday and I won a few pounds using the Assured Soccer Profits system on the Leicester V Crystal Palace and Chelsea V Liverpool matches. I only won £1.63 on Leicester as I had to cover just after half time (discipline having been restored), I made £4.99 on the Chelsea game (ASP results can be found here), I got out of the Any Unquoted part of the trade due to Chelsea’s last game against Arsenal.

With that game in mind I did have a losing bet laying Under 4.5 goals at 1.06 after around 20 minutes, I half did it with a few to trading out should the odds go to around 1.6 or better, with 24 goals in 5 Chelsea home games (pre Liverpool match) this season I thought it was a value bet.

Discipline did slightly wane a bit later on in the day when I backed Over 1.5 goals in the PSG V Nancy game (finished 0-1) at half time and left it to run, I also did the same in the Coritiba v Santos game (finished 1-0), this slightly ruined my weekend’s results, but no real damage was done. I’m more disappointed with myself for getting involved in the first place.

This week I plan to boost my account with some matched betting, the Bonus Bagging service has proved it’s worth and alerted me to a lot of new bookmakers accounts that I wasn’t aware of, they also have verified the bookies credentials which is good when you are a bit uncertain about reliability. I will report back with my experiences when I have opened any accounts.

Here’s hoping for another green week.

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