Bloody Friendlies

It’s been a few days since my last post and there has been a couple of reason for that.

Reason No.1) I’ve been very pissed off with myself in general and had lost the will to write a post for a few days, as I committed a basic error and a cardinal sin last weekend.

First I backed Spain and then layed England pre kick off (on Wednesday to be precise) in the friendly expecting a pre match surge on the Spaniards so I could get out for a nice green pre match and then sit back and hope for an England win. I then got involved in doing something on Saturday and missed kick off, when I noticed the time, the match was 30 minutes old.

So instead of getting out for a small loss, I decided to just lay off the Spain win bet and leave the England lay running, with a view to backing England after Spain inevitably went 1-0 up, and thus ending up with some of the green I should already have had from my pre match plans.

I don’t need to tell you what happened next.

That’s the basic elementary error covered. So onto the cardinal sin.

Chasing, yes, yet again all patience and discipline flew out of the window on Sunday night with some ‘roulette’ style bets on Argentinian games I knew nothing about. So I managed to double my loss from Saturday.

Reason No.2) I’ve been doing some research.

I have briefly wrote in the past about matched betting and pre match trading and have decided lately that they are a couple of routes I wish to go down in the future.

A couple of weekends back I made over 3% of my betting bank by pre match trading, I also did it a few weeks earlier in a Scotland Euro 2012 qualifier and won a few quid. I am of the opinion now that if I could make 5% a week doing this, then that would be an acceptable amount of profit.

But 5% of a £100 betting bank would be slow frustrating progress, so I need to increase my betting bank. I am not in a position to chuck a grand into my Betfair account to gamble with, so I need to raise funds another way.

This is where I believe Matched Betting can play a part. There is a service called Bonus Bagging which I have signed up to, and on top of reading through this process, I have been doing plenty of digging around myself.

I have a lot of the bookies accounts already, but there are plenty out there that I haven’t got, and there is also my Mrs who only has one or two previously set up by me.

So I’m going to be spending the next few weeks cashing in as many of these free bets as possible in a bid to try and build myself a bigger betting bank, so that 5% seems like a reasonable amount of money.

That way I’m hoping that seeing a more meaningful amount of money (hopefully) coming in will have the psychological effect on me that I don’t have to take bigger risks for bigger wins.

On top of that, I’m also going to continue to hopefully top up with the ASP system, but choose my games much more carefully than I had been doing. I think in the past I had become complacent and expected the system to just win me money on any game, and I don’t need to be told that that’s just ridiculous.

Anyway, back to the Bloody Friendlies’ headline, I usually don’t bother with them in the slightest and in hindsight with Spain’s recent dodgy record in them, I should never have taken any risk with the outcome of the match.

That said, they did go all out for an equaliser and on another day they would have got it. Maybe I was harsh on myself for losing on this game, but that doesn’t excuse the chasing there after.

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