A new approach maybe required

With it being an international week and that meaning little football activity, I’ve taken the chance of a break from gambling to have a long think about where I can improve my (at times) useless trading techniques.

I’ve used the last few days to think about the direction my gambling has been going in. Every weekend I seem to have a couple of decent bets that win and give me a nice 5-10% profit, then I get involved with bet’s I’m not so sure about for a bit of interest, or bets where the odds look good value, etc, etc, and this generally ends up with me wiping out the winnings from my pre planned bets.

The easy answer is to only do my pre planned bets, but in doing that it wouldn’t allow me to have a bit of fun or interest as previously described. It also wouldn’t allow me to carry on trialling the Assured Soccer Profits system or laying the draw at half time.

So as a result of this I have come to the conclusion that a different approach to my betting is needed, I can’t have everything going through my betfair account in this way any more.

After doing a bit of asking around through my twitter account, I have decided that I think it will be best if I open a secondary account with Betfair account free for me to place my pre planned bets and carry on with my 10% a week profit plan.

Along with the two betting exchange accounts I will also use my William Hill account for placing trixies, yankees, etc. I feel that having these three accounts should cover all bases for the sort of bets I like doing, with the Betfair account the serious one I’m looking long term with.

The main reason for this rethink is down to last weekends trading activity. At one stage on Saturday I was up at £120, then I was down at £95, I eventually ended up with £115 on Sunday night, a profit of £15 and slightly ahead of my planned 10% profit target.

On top of all my usual mad trades, I did manage to win over 3% on Liverpool V Swansea and Wolves V Wigan backing both the home teams pre kick off and trading out before a ball was kicked. With an aim of 10% profit every week, this could be a route worth pursuing in the future.

I also noticed that Spain came in from above 2.2 to 1.9 on Tuesday on the back of the news that the majority of their first team is likely to start against England on Saturday, it just goes to show what sort of profits can be achieved pre match if you can spot the opportunities, for the record I was at work and missed out on it.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    It’s that word discipline again. What a money spinner it would be if a way could be found to solve it, bottle it and sell it!

  2. Too right Dave, it sounds so easy to achieve when I write it down, it’s only when I come need discipline that I realise how hard it is.

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