Patience and Discipline

I am well capable of backing more winners than losers, so with this in mind I should be able to make money from gambling? So why aren’t I then?

I believe it is because of a lack of patience and too many losses in discipline. If I can’t master these two fundamental parts of betting, then I’m never going to achieve my aims.

I need the patience to wait for the right bet….

If I’m patient enough the right bet will come along, I don’t need to bet everyday, I also don’t need to bet on everything.

I need the discipline not too chase after a loss…..

If I have a losing bet late on in the evening, instead of turning Betfair off and waiting for the next round of games I (apparently) know something about, I have this bad habit of turning to the immediate next match going and betting on foreign matches I know nothing about. This is ridiculous and has to stop.

It’s not rocket science, it’s simple really, just log out of Betfair. Or if drastic action is required, I can even go as far as switching the computer off and sitting down with the Mrs and watching some of the crap on tele that she regularly watches.

Also, if I’m trading a game using the Assured Soccer Profits system I need to have the discipline to get out at the right time, as I also need to do after laying the draw at Half Time.

Another problem I seem to have is frustration when I have held back from doing a bet and that bet then comes in. I also get frustrated when a goal is scored while I’m waiting for a price to come in to a level that I believe to be value for money. Both of these situations can cause me great frustration and lead to me perhaps placing a bet that I shouldn’t.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe that betting is a state of mind, it’s all in the head. I can pick the winners, that’s no problem. It’s reacting to when things go wrong that is the problem, that’s where the state of mind comes in.

Mastering this is the key to moving forward, until this is done, nothing will be achieved.

Sorry for rambling on again in my own strange little world. This is my little pep talk that I am going to keep reverting back to when things go wrong, so hopefully I won’t be reading this too often!!

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