Will November bring better results?

I’ve long held the view that if I am going to manage to trade football successfully, I have to master the art of patience and discipline much better than I have been lately.

Instead of going for the big win, all I need to do is steadily accumulate a few quid here and a few quid there, upping the size of my bets on a percentage level in line with my gradually growing betting bank.

So after a successful September, what did I do in October after a couple of losses? Well, I stupidly lost all my patience and all my discipline and chased my losses, even though I was still up overall.

If I’m going to be brutally honest with myself and any readers I may have, I have to say that I wasn’t great in September (patience and discipline wise) either. For a couple of weeks I was fine, then in the latter half of the month I lost it a bit, but I got away with it as I was still winning.

Then in October I stopped winning, so when a couple of losses came along as I had already lost patience and discipline I wasn’t in the right place mentally to react properly to the losses and started chasing.

Chasing losses is a basic and fundamental failure that ruins any staking plan and blows many a betting bank to pieces, it is the fastest way to the poor house that there is. So I have spent the last few days asking myself how I managed to let this happen again.

If I’m going to keep on resorting back to basic mistakes like that, I have no chance.

Anyway, I given myself a good talking too over the last few days, have replenished my betting bank, and am going to have a go again. I’m again going to set myself modest targets, 10% profit a week. I’ve worked it out, and 10% profit a week over a year would see £100 become something like £12-£13,000. If that’s not an incentive to show some discipline, then what ever will be.

One problem that has arisen over the past couple of weeks is what to do with my Assured Soccer Profits experiment, as I ideally only want to gamble 5% of my betting bank at a time and trading this system requires more liability.

So after a couple of days of thinking about it I have decided that I will carry on with the system, it was a no brainer really as it is currently showing a profit, so what will be, will be. And I will just use my standard 5% when doing my own non ASP bets.

I’m going to start to log my own bets on a spreadsheet also, so I can check back to see if they were stupid or not. I’m also going to try and limit the games I trade, and just give myself a window of a few hours trading at weekends to avoid over doing it, instead of all day Saturday and most of Sunday like I have been doing.

So far this week I lost on Over 2.5 goals on both the Arsenal and West Ham games on Tuesday, last night I won by laying 0-0 and 1-0 (to Villarreal) in the Man City game and lost laying 1-1 (at 75 mins) in the Benfica game.

Laying 0-0 and 1-0 in the Man City match obviously took me over my 5% bets, but I was prepared to trade down my liability in the ASP way to reduce my red to a more acceptable level.

Tonight I also won by backing Brugge before trading out for an all round green at 0-2, I won laying Under 1.5 goals in the Lazio game at HT and trading out for an all round green at 1-0, and I had a scratch on over 6.5 goals in the PSV game. All in all I’m now just over 3% up on my way to my 10% target for Sunday night.

Let’s see how the weekend goes.

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4 Responses

  1. Lee Graves says:

    Keep up the good posts mate, reading your posts are like my own thoughts! ha ha. Ive been trying on and off to make this trading work aswell. I have good days and start to feel there is definately something in it, then i do, by the sounds of it exactly what you do, lose my discipline, chase losses etc and am back to square one! Im trying now to really focus and keeping my downside as low as possible. Lets see how it goes…..

  2. Thanks Lee,

    lol, I think there is plenty like us out there, I have plenty of conversations like this on Twitter, there’s loads of us on there.

    Keep it up mate, I’m sure with the right attitude you’ll get there.

    I’m only using small stakes while I’m trying to discipline myself, that way when I do go tits up, I’m not doing to much damage.

    I’ve got to learn to be more patient and switch computer off after a loss, rather than chase.

    I really think it’s as simple as that, it’s working out why I find such a simple thing so hard to do, that’s the problem – if you follow my gibberish.

    Regards, Dean

  3. Lucy says:

    Nice blog Dean, I’ve enjoyed reading it. Love all the battling to achieve self-discipline – always far more of an issue than mastering an actual system. Made me laugh out loud in places!

    Not sure I agree that 10% a week is a ‘modest’ target! 1% a week would still be enough to get pretty wealthy!

    Lucy 🙂


  4. Cheers Lucy, you could be right about the 10%, 1% would be an achievement for me some weeks, but that’s another story.

    I have read a lot of people aim for 3% a day to try and double bank every month, I suppose I was regarding 10% as modest compared to that.

    Regards, Dean

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