Laying the Draw at Half Time

As I wrote earlier this week, I’m not a massive fan of the laying the draw system when using it at the start of a match, I am though interested in looking at laying the draw at around half time.

I know it’s nothing new and I’m sure it has all been done before and wrote about on various other blogs, but I fancy giving it a go. Like with nearly all systems, this will almost certainly come down to match selection.

Using Betfair (£50.00 Free Bet), I will start off with small stakes. I won’t lay a game where the odds are over 3 and I will be putting a maximum red of £7.00 on the draw. It is my intention to pull out after the first goal, or in the event of no goal at an all round stop loss of £3.50.

For example, if I lay a game at 3, that will give me £3.50 green on either team winning, with £7.00 red on the draw. I would pull out when the draw reaches 1.5 with a £7.00 bet, leaving me £3.50 red on all three outcomes.

I know some systems would pull out at 2 or on the 70 minute mark, but I fancy leaving it a bit longer and doing it this way gives me that opportunity.

I will create a results page and update it regularly. Please feel free to add any comments on ways to improve or adjust the system, I’m not too stubborn to be told be others who know better – and I’m sure there is plenty of them.


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