Mixed Results on Assured Soccer Profits

Since my last post I have traded two games using the Assured Soccer Profits system with mixed results.

Starting on Tuesday I had a text book trade on FC Basel v Benfica. I got my lays on just after kick off and a Benfica goal came in almost perfect time in the 20th minute. There was no further goal activity until late on in the 2nd half and by then I had cleared up all my liabilities and left with a £3.80 profit.

Onto Wednesday and I used the system for the Marseille v Arsenal game, again I got matched very early in the match but this time no goal arrived. I probably should have got out at Half Time and took my medicine, but I decided to let it run until 0-0 got down to about 2.6 before taking a larger than recommended hit of £8.25. We live and learn!

Maybe this was a bad match selection on my part. It seemed to have 0-0 written all over it after half time and in hindsight I suppose both teams would have been relatively happy with a point each, but having said that how many clean sheets do Arsenal keep these days? Not many. So maybe it wasn’t that bad a match selection after all.

Anyway all in all it was frustrating as I felt I was starting to get on a bit of a run with the system, and adding to that my own appalling trading efforts of late and it was a bad night all round.

I don’t seem to be able to do anything right just at the moment. Had a great September and have wiped out all those profits so far with a disastrous October. Maybe I need to pack up for the rest of the month and come back in November, who knows?

For the record there is a bit of good news, the Assured Soccer Profits results page is still showing a slight running profit of £7.60.

Be back soon.


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