Review of Assured Soccer Profits System

I eventually got around to trying out the Assured Soccer Profits system this weekend and it would be fair to say it was an eventful start.

I started off by doing two games in the English Premier league (given as I’m supposed to know something about that), Norwich V Swansea and QPR V Blackburn.

After just 15 minutes I was in a massive hole with Norwich rushing into a 2-0 lead and I stood to lose £43.00 on AUQ at this stage. I could have traded out for scratch if the price for AUQ got to 6, but at 2-1, AUQ was trading between 2.3 and 2.4 which was miles away from where I needed it to be and I knew I couldn’t risk waiting to see if I got the required price.

Even though I expected it to be 2-1 for a good while I couldn’t leave £43.00 exposed with little chance of an ‘out’ trade, so I had £10.00 on AUQ at 3 to leave me with £23.00 red (AUQ) and £1.00 red across the rest of the scores. I did this with the view of trading the majority of the rest of the red when the AUQ score odds eventually drifted out, which I did just after HT.

I also then Layed 2-1 (just after HT) when it was at 4 for £2.00, leaving me with a red of £13.00 on 2-1 and £5.00 on everything else, it went 3-1 mid way through the 2nd half and I thought that I take that as a result considering where I was after 15 minutes after the kick off. I threw in a ‘cover’ lay of the Correct Score at 1.2 for £5.00 (£1.00 liability) leaving me with a red of £6.00

For anyone reading who isn’t familiar with the service, it is basically a ‘Correct Score’ trading system concentrating on the opposite ends of the market, so a team 2-0 up early on creates a bit of a problem.

I’m not sure how much I did things by the book in the Norwich game as I haven’t watched all of the 20 videos yet, but for my first attempt at using the system I was relieved to get out with just the £6.00 loss as I was flying by the seat of my pants at one stage.

Things improved after that and I managed to make a small profit using the system over the weekend. I never left myself exposed above £35.00 after the Norwich game, and all my biggest red in the other matches was on 0-0.

Norwich V Swansea – Lost £6.00
QPR v Blackburn – Won £3.00
Birmingham v Leicester – Won £5.30
Newcastle v Tottenham – Won £4.75
Estudiantes v Atletico Rafaela – Won £5.00

The Estudiantes game was a good reminder of why you should never leave things to chance. Luckily I covered AUQ at 1-0 when it was at around 44 or 46 (can’t remember precisely) and I was mightily relieved when it quickly became 3-0. Like in the case of the Norwich match, technically the system won, but you can’t leave massive amounts exposed on AUQ, especially when you can trade out for less that £1.00 as I did in the Estudiantes game.

So after 5 games I am showing a running profit of £12.05, which in comparison to my own so called trading techniques was a good weekend. Due to the results of my other rather dubious trading methods I have decided to concentrate solely on the Assured Soccer Profits system for the foreseeable future, I will post the results of my activities on here regularly.

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  1. Handy Andy says:

    Great blog and general info, I like your writing style. Keep it up. 🙂

    I have added you to my blog list.

  2. Cheers Andy, that’s much appreciated.

    Like your blog too, I had a good read of it two to three weeks back, your Homer system sounds very good.

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