A week of Turmoil

Due to a hectic few days I haven’t found time to update my blog with all of my trading activity, and to be brutally honest, that’s probably a good thing.

To cut a long story short, I had a blinding week last up until Friday night – when my luck seemed to turn. It culminated in a big win on Any Unquoted and Over 3.5 goals in the Spurs V Shamrock Rovers, Europa League fixture on Thursday night.

I was already on Any Unquoted at HT, so when Shamrock went 0-1 up I had a quick look at Under 3.5 goals and was delighted to see a price of 1.28, so I got on that also (as I expected a couple of quick Spurs goals) and traded out of it after two Spurs’ goals, a couple of minutes later and I traded out of Any Unquoted at 3-1 for a handsome profit on both bets.

A late night trade on an obscure South American game followed and all of a sudden I had doubled my betting bank from it’s original £100 at the end of August, to £200 at the end of September.

Then the wheels fell off. I went out for a family birthday meal on Friday night. Using the App on my phone I had a couple of bets on the Irish leagues, as I was on my phone I couldn’t do much homework on the teams and I ended up losing around £10 (account was now showing £190).

On Saturday morning I withdrew my original £100 back to my bank (account now showing £90), something told me that it would go downhill from there, and it did.

I then started trying to get myself back up to £100 before the Saturday afternoon games started. I was betting on – I think it was – the Romanian 2nd division, don’t quote me there as without looking I’m not 100% certain. That’s how obscure the games were though, that I’m not even sure what country or division they were from. Lost about £25.

How stupid, I can hear people saying, and yes, you would all be right. By this stage I’m down to about £65, by Saturday night I was down to £50, and by Sunday night I was down to £22.

I lost all discipline and all patience and just layed anything for a bet. I think I got carried away with Thursday night’s successes and just thought I had to place a bet to win.

Complacency set in to start with and by Saturday afternoon I was just chasing and desperately trying to get back up to around the £100 mark.

I spent the day at work today (Monday) thinking about it all, and I’ve come to the conclusion more than ever now that trading is a state of mind. For four weeks I was reasonably patient and reasonably disciplined, (I wouldn’t say I was totally happy with my performance, but is wasn’t bad), then for three days I lost all of that focus and just went back to the bad old days.

Why though? What changed in my head for those three days? Why did the focus disappear so spectacularly?

For four weeks I was happy just to accumulate a few quid here and there, knowing that by the end of the month I would probably be about £50 up, I was happy with the thought of that prospect. It’s not a massive amount of money, but that isn’t the point, it’s the process I was trying to stick to that is the issue, that’s why what happened is so disappointing.

I can only conclude that I stupidly chased my losses to try and get back up to the magic £100 figure. Rather than looking on myself as £90 up on Saturday morning, I was looking at it from the point of view that I was £10 down.

I think that is where I went wrong and that is why I seemingly chased, when really there was no need to. That’s why I say it is a state of mind, if my mindset was just to consolidate and try to finish the weekend on around £85-£95, then I reckon I could easily have achieved that. Instead I was of the mindset that I needed to get back up to £100 as quickly as possible, and hopefully win another £20-£30 on the weekend English and main European fixtures, which with hindsight is stupid really.

Anyway, I am where I am and overall I’m still £22 up from where I started at the end of August, so it’s not all bad news. But what has frustrated me is how I can throw a months good work away in just one weekend, it just goes to show how you can’t take anything for granted in this game, and that I am still a million miles away from being disciplined enough to do this properly.

How I react to this will be telling, hopefully I can use the next few days to refocus my mindset back to my original idea of gradual, patient accumulation. A few quid here, and a few quid there. Make sure I can justify every single penny that I gamble, thankfully there is an international break this weekend so I know I can’t get too carried away.

I think I need to tell myself I’m £22 up, not £78 down. I’m going to try and not put the original £100 back into my Betfair account from my bank account (but it’s there if needed). If I can build it back up from here, then that is a good start and it should be a good and reasonable target to set myself.

It’s not just rebuilding my bank, it’s rebuilding my confidence and self belief.

I’ve also started looking into the Assured Soccer Profits system. It’s fair to say that it’s a very in depth system as there are 20 videos to watch, and some of them are over 20 minutes long.

So far I’ve only watched the first 3, they are concentrating on trading Correct Scores and I can see some mileage in it. I will hopefully find the time to watch the rest of them over the next few days, hopefully the international break will give me the opportunity to learn more.

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