Midweek Trading Results

I decided after last Sunday’s shambolic showing that I wouldn’t go near Betfair on Monday night and although it cost me a bet, I kept to my word.

Onto Tuesday night and with a betting bank now showing £125.00 (started with £100.00) I got involved in a game I probably shouldn’t have……

Tuesday (20/09/11)

Novara 3-1 Inter – Won £6.00. I noticed after about 70-75 minutes that Inter were 1-0 down away at Novara. Before I thought too much about it I was laying Under 2.5 goals for £8.00 at 1.28, I later topped that lay up with £14.00 at 1.07, this gave me an overall liability (red) of £3.22.

The reason why I say this was probably a mistake was because I was basing the lay on an Inter equaliser. Even without following Italian football to closely, I was well aware that Inter had been struggling and were in the middle of an awful run of form. This only occurred to me after I placed the first lay.

You may ask, why place the second bet then? And the answer would be that I was already involved in the bet by this time and it was only for minimal stakes. In the event of no goals I would have laid the Correct Score at 1.3, so what’s the difference really. I have spent time thinking too much about things in the past only to see the suspended sign come up before I had got my bet on. Late on in the match you have to act quickly, dithering has cost me way too much lately.

Anyway, back to the game and the suspended sign arrived in perfect time after the second lay, not for my expected Inter equaliser, but for Novara’s second. Due to the late time of the second goal I greened out straight away (30 seconds before the next bloody goal) with the majority on the Over 2.5 goals side of the bet.

Inter then quickly added to the scoreline and the bet was in. I did look and Under 3.5 goals was matched at 1.01 (not by me) and it came in as Novara scored a late third goal and won the match 3-1. There was 3 goals in this game from the 86th minute onwards.

Wednesday (21/09/11)

Trelleborgs 0-1 GAIS – Broke Even. I noticed on someone’s twitter feed that they expected goals in this one. Stupid to follow, but I did. I laid Under 2.5 goals for £1.50 liability and Under 1.5 goals for £4.00 liability. Got lucky with a late Correct Score lay and a late winner got me my money back.

Santander 0-0 Real Madrid – Lost £16.00. I back Any Unquoted, I backed 0-3 Madrid, I laid Under 1.5 goals and then laid Correct Score to cover the lot. Went well over my maximum bet and got punished for my indiscipline.

Falkirk v Rangers – Won £19.00. I noticed Rangers were 2-0 down with 10 minutes to go. I couldn’t see this ending 2-0 so I laid Under 3.5 goals for £25.00 @ 1.16 (liability of £4.00). Rangers scored almost immediately so I greened up and left £15.00 on Overs, they equalised within 5 more minutes for a nice win. With no liquidity on the Correct Score, I laid the draw for £4.00 in injury time and Falkirk hit the winner and I got my Madrid losses back straight away.

Chievo 1-0 Napoli – Won £3.00. I laid Under 1.5 goals for £20.00 at intervals of 1.27 and 1.13. I backed at 1.7 for an all round green of £5.00 after Chievo scored. As I thought Napoli might equalise, rather than put all the green on Over 1.5, I decided to lay Under 2.5 goals at 1.10 and 1.05 for £25.00 with a total liability of £2.00, aware of the fact that £5.00 green was already locked in. It finished 1-0 and I left with a £3.00 win.

I took Thursday off, as I’m trying to take regular days off from trading as I think my judgement becomes clouded if I get too involved.

Onto Friday and I got lucky again…..

Friday (23/09/11)

Brighton 3-3 Leeds Won £12.00. I was out shopping (such excitement) and I checked the score in this game to see it was 2-2. Not sure how long was gone but Correct Score was trading at about 1.8 which suggested it was probably 75-80 minutes gone. I expected goals in this one and was fairly confident both sides would be going flat out for a winner.

With this in mind, I laid Under 5.5 goals for £12.00 at 1.1 (liability of £1.20) on my mobile phone. I went in with a relatively low stake due to the fact that trading on your mobile isn’t the easiest thing to do when prices are moving quickly. Checked back and seen that Under 5.5 goals was now trading at 1.3, so I knew someone had scored. I tried for about 2 minutes to get matched for a profit of some sort and couldn’t, finally giving up when the price was about 1.16.

I checked back about 10 minutes later to find my account showing a healthy profit, so on this occasion it worked out ok. Not sure that will always be the case!

Midweek trading showed a profit of £24.00, so no complaints there. Imagine how good it could have been without the Real Madrid fiasco? One goal would have saved me all or some of my losses, depending on what minute it arrived in. How many times do they not score? And it was for the second game running.

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