A Night of Indiscipline

Thursday night was a bad night for me with a loss of discipline resulting in some awful bet selections in both the Europa and Icelandic Leagues. I could feel myself getting drawn into betting for the sake of it at times, which goes totally against the staking plan I set myself at the end of August.

Hannover v Standard – Lost £3.00. Laid under 1.5 goals for £11.00 (£2.31 liability) at price of 1.21. Then laid 0-0 to hopefully cover bet and ended up losing another 70p. Only got involved in this bet because it was 0-0 and I simply hoped there would be a goal. Awful trade.

Thor v Fylkir – Lost £2.70. Had a nice win with Fylkir coming from behind to win 2-1 last weekend, so as I know they had goals in them I decided to lay Under 4.5 goals at half time with the score at 2-0. No goals arrived, so I laid Under 3.5 goals and then laid the Correct Score and hoped for a late goal to cover my losses. Ended 2-0.

Hafnarfjordur v Fram – Won £9.97. This game was my get out of jail card. I noticed it was 0-0 late on and checked the statistics to see that Hafnarjordur averaged a fraction under 2 goals a game and that Fram were struggling at the bottom of the table. I also knew that Hafnarjordur were odds on favourites and Over 2.5 goals was also odds on (another marker I use to see if goals are expected).

So with this in mind I laid Under 1.5 goals for £25.00 at 1.05 (£1.25 liability). It went 0-1 to the underdog (in 88th minute) so I greened up and left £1.00 on Unders and just under £10 on Overs. Had to go away from computer for 10 minutes to do something and when I came back I was delighted to see it had finished 1-1.

Steaua Bucharest v Schalke – Lost £4.50. Schalke had most of their big guns playing, but were just a touch over Evens favourite. In hindsight it was a game which fell outside of my match selection criteria. I laid Under 1.5 goals late on for £3.00 liability, and then laid Correct Score for another £1.50 to cover losses. Finished 0-0.

Audax Italiano v Univ de Concepcion – Lost £1.00. Laid Under 4.5 goals for 50p liability with score at 2-1, then laid Correct Score for another massive 50p liability to try and win back stake for this match and Schalke match. I was chasing here and it was another stupid trade.

Altogether I lost just over £3.00, which considering how bad a night it was with just one win out of five games traded, isn’t the worst result possible. More to the point is the fact that my match selections were very poor.

I think I’m going to have to read through my staking plan a couple of times again just to remind me of exactly what I should be doing, as I feel some old bad habits are starting to slip in again.

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