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Last weekends selections didn’t fair too well with only 2 of the 4 selections for my yankee bet winning, paying out a massive £1.41 from an £8.25 stake. I wrote about my reservations in backing Everton as they are notorious slow starters, and so it proved. I also wrote about my reservations in dropping down into the championship, and so it proved, although it did take a last minute equaliser from Leeds to prevent me getting 3 from 4 in.

This weekend any readers will be pleased to know I haven’t learnt from my mistakes as I’m including Middlesbrough in my bet. The reasons? Well as I am a Coventry fan I know that at the moment they just can’t score too save their lives, they are playing pretty football, but with no cutting edge. I just can’t see Coventry scoring. The only cautionary note is that the only goals Coventry have scored this season have been away from home.

For my other selections I’m heading back to the Premier league and going a bit route one with Liverpool and Manchester United. Liverpool have made an impressive start to the season, they seem to have hit the ground running and Dalglish kept the momentum going by putting out a strong side at Exeter in midweek. They slipped up at home to Sunderland and I can’t see it happening again today. Bolton also have an appalling recent record at Anfield.

I know United will slip up at home one day soon, they only dropped two points at Old Trafford last season and you just know that one week someone will pull off the freak result there. But I can’t keep ignoring prices like 1/2 while I’m waiting for that freak result too come along.

Arsenal had a good win in midweek but could also have got a good thrashing had Udinese taken half of the chances they created. In short they rode their luck and could easily have been dumped out of the Champions league. It’s just impossible too see anything other than a United win on current form (It will probably end 1-1 now I’ve wrote that).

Trixie Bet (4 Bets), Liverpool @ 2/5, Middlesbrough @ 6/10 and Manchester United @ 1/2. Pays approximately 6/4, so like last week it’s an attempt to play things safe.

I’m not confident enough to back Everton, Man City and Sunderland outright, but I can’t see Blackburn beating Everton, I don’t fancy Spurs to beat Man City and surely Sunderland have to get a win soon. I’m going to follow them on Betfair and possibly trade them in running depending on how the matches pan out, or I might even lay the sides I don’t fancy at the start.

In the Championship, Burnley are 3.15 to lay away at Derby, I’ve got to be honest, that does look tempting. I also don’t fancy Watford to beat Birmingham on Sunday, Watford can currently be layed at 2.46.

Could this possibly be the week when Leicester finally get their act together, they should have won last weekend at Forest and one of these weeks they will click and give someone a good beating, they are 2.62 at home to Southampton today.

The running total is currently at ‘-£6.84’ after last weeks loss. I going to be using small stakes for this weekly experiment and this week my Trixie bet will be at £2 a bet, meaning a total outlay of £8.00.

Good luck with all your bets this weekend.

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