Transparency FIFA style

There will be a new FIFA, a more transparent FIFA, things will change, so said Sepp Blatter when re-elected a few short weeks ago. And what has changed? Well, apparently nothing.

Jack Warner’s resignation today was greeted with a statement saying that FIFA will no longer be investigating Warner and that he is now presumed innocent. Not the actions of an organization trying to clean itself up and present itself in a more transparent way.

Warner has long been a name at the centre of a lot of the alledged scandals and could probably have brought FIFA’s cosy little world crashing down had he decided to spill the beans, so him going in this way suits all parties.

Is it any surprise? No, not really.

Sepp Blatter is a member of the IOC. So would have witnessed first hand how the organization cleaned itself up in the wake of the Salt Lake City scandal in 1999. If he has chosen for as long as he has not to follow that lead, then I can only come to the conclusion that he simply has no intention of changing FIFA for the better.

I’ll say it again, shame on Platini and Beckenbauer for sitting on that committee for as long as they have, or did in Beckenbauer’s case as he has now stepped down. How no one has had the balls to stand up and say this is wrong is quite remarkable.

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