More Capello Excuses

“When we had a meeting to decide the dates for the games, all the teams decided June was not the best time to play. But Wales and Montenegro fought about when to play different games, so we had to have a draw and that said we should play now. By the time we reached the last 10 minutes we didn’t have any energy. It was really warm. If it was a fresher day, we might have found it easier to recover.”

Can someone please remind me how much the FA are paying Fabio Capello to come up with pathetic excuses like that?

The fact that England players don’t appear to be fit enough to perfrom in the month of June is probably not the fault of Capello, but surely he has to take some responsibility for the bizarre team selections he made yesterday.

Ashley Young’s ommision was a surprise, Capello’s explanation for this was also a bit confusing “Ashley Young played very well in the second half but if he had played in the first, I don’t know if he would have been the same in the second,” he said. Hmmm, that makes a lot sense!

Working on that brand of Capello logic, then why don’t we leave Wayne Rooney on the bench for the next qualifier and bring him on at half time, or when we go 2-0 down?

Both Ashley Young and Stewart Downing can consider themselves unlucky not too have started yesterday. Downing has been in great from for Villa, while Young has impressed in his recent England performances. Nothing against James Milner, but what has he done recently to justify starting ahead of them both? And Theo Walcott for that matter.

No problems from me with the rest of the team selections, nor the decision to haul Frank Lampard off at half time, if players aren’t performing then they deserve to be dropped or pulled off. Just because you are a big name doesn’t mean you can’t be subbed.

But the main point here is that blaming the result on the fact that the game was played in June just isn’t good enough. If Capello can’t come up with anything better than that, then why doesn’t he show some dignity and just admit he isn’t up to the job and walk.

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