David Bernstein

The FA get a lot of stick, some justified, some not so, off the media in this country. Today new Chariman, David Bernstein showed plenty of guts and a lot of leadership in standing up to FIFA and calling for a suspension of the so-called election that saw Sepp Blatter re-elected as President of FIFA for another 4 years.

It has been described in some quarters, as too little – too late. But at least they had a go, in doing what David Bernstein did today the FA risked becoming more isolated and further antagonising FIFA.

I believe they should be applauded for having the guts to stick their heads above the parapet, instead of sitting in a reluctant silence for sake of keeping their themselves inside FIFA’s cosy ‘little family,’ like many other spineless countries do.

German legend Franz Beckenbauer sat on the 22 man Executive Committee that awarded the 2022 games to Qatar, as did Michel Platini. How can Beckenbauer still be backing Blatter as he is doing in public? Surely his name has been slightly tainted by association.

As for Platini, in saying that it has nothing to do with him as he is UEFA, not FIFA, he is basically shrugging his shoulders and allowing the status quo to continue – and as the head of UEFA, this man is a major power in world football.

Too many countries won’t speak out as they are too busy looking after their own self interests, at least the FA did speak out. When people like Platini and Beckenbauer sit there quietly letting football get dragged through the mud like this, you have to ask yourself does football get what it deserves?

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