What is Arsene Wenger’s Mandate?

I have now heard it consistently said for 18 months to 2 years that Arsenal need a spine, they need a leader, a dominate centre half who can organise and a vocal aggressor in the midfield.

A growing section of Arsenal fans are now getting increasingly frustrated with Arsene Wenger, I have heard an unprecedented amount of them calling for Wenger’s head on radio phone-in’s, dating back as far as the defeat to Barcelona.

For me, I find it hard to judge as I don’t really know what is expected of Wenger from the Gunner’s board. I don’t know what they regard as success or under what (if any) guidelines or restrictions Wenger is working. Basically, what is regarded as progress or achievement at the Emirates?

Is Wenger being asked to develop players and try and build a team from youth because there is very little money to spend? Is he in fact overachieving by consistently finishing in the top 4 without spending any money?

Or is there a pot of money available to Arsene that he feels he doesn’t need to spend because he thinks his team are already good enough and he wants to continue on his own personal project?

In short, if Wenger is being asked to do a job on a budget, then it has to be said that he does an exceptional job. If he isn’t and he has a budget he chooses not to spend because he feels that he doesn’t need too, then after 6 years without a trophy, I’d have to say he is probably now failing.

Without really knowing the answers to these questions, I find it hard to judge Wenger. But it would be crazy to get rid of him, the reality of the situation is that Arsenal aren’t too far away from being a top side.

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