Can Spurs fans trust Harry Redknapp?

“Well I have got a great job at Tottenham, things are going well for me. I have had a couple of great years, it couldn’t have gone better for me there. I haven’t heard anything from Chelsea that’s for sure, no one has ever mentioned Chelsea to me. It’s not the first I have heard of it, someone said to me today your name got mentioned on TV, well I said I’ve never heard nothing at all so it’s all news to me.”

That’s Harry’s response to being asked about reports linking him with the Chelsea job on Monday.

At no point does Harry mention the words ‘I’m not interested, I’m going nowhere, I’m committed to Tottenham.’

It’s typical Harry, he plays the game everytime, never revealing his hand. His friendly banter with the media ensures he always gets an easy ride and they never push him into giving a proper answer.

Would I trust him? Ask the Southampton fans.

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