Anthony Stokes too tired to play for Ireland

First he complained about always being a sub, now apparently all the substitute appearances for Celtic have been that demanding on poor little Anthony Stokes that he is too tired to play for Ireland in the Carling Nations Cup. Is this guy for real?

Hopefully Giovanni Trapattoni will kick this bloke into touch, he dosen’t deserve to have an international career. He is a typical example of someone who dosen’t recognise what a lucky bloke he really is and the sort of person who gets footballers a bad name.

He moans about not being picked for Celtic as if he has some devine right to always be selected, he should be delighted and thankful that Neil Lennon hasn’t thrown him out of the club.

Now he thinks he is big enough to turn his back on the chance to play for his country, he probably thinks he is that good that Ireland will need him and he will get a recall in no time. Hopefully he is wrong.

He’s not the only one to show contempt fot his country this week. James McCarthy, Marc Wilson and Jonathan Walters apparently couldn’t even be bothered to let Trapattoni know they wouldn’t be attending.

They’re all absolute disgraces.

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