A plug for Mike Parry and Mike Graham

There has been an overwhelming response on this blog to the article I wrote a few weeks back about why Mike Parry had left Talksport, it seems that the demise of the Parry and Graham show has upset a lot of Talksport listeners.

It appears that the two Mike’s are now trying to cash in on their popularity by hiring themselves out for after dinner speaking and public appearances, and afterall, who can blame them.

Here is the link to their website.

From what I can gather, their replacements, Richard Keys and Andy Gray are finishing their 10-1 slot at the end of the football season and as they keep making jokes about contract negotiations not being sorted out, it would appear that nothing is set in stone about them coming back.

I would have to say that given the calibre of their guests, I’d be amazed if Keys and Gray aren’t retained when the football season returns.

This still leaves a space to be filled over the summer for around 10-12 weeks though, what chance a return for the crazy twosome?

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