Steve McClaren – No, to West Ham job

I see Steve McClaren, the bookies early contender for the West Ham managers job has already ruled himself out of the running.

It doesn’t say much for the Hammers, when a man who is aware that he won’t have the pick of the bunch when it comes to getting employment and who has already stated he is looking to get back into management, says he isn’t interested in managing your club within 24 hours of a vacancy becoming available.

Personally when I heard he was favourite earlier today I couldn’t help but think this was a bad fit for both parties. McClaren has a reputation to rebuild in England and going to a club that looks in freefall wouldn’t be a wise move for him.

I also believe that McClaren wouldn’t have had the backing of the fans, all you need to do is look at Liverpool and Newcastle to see what happens when you don’t have the fans onside.

Gold and Sullivan need to tred carefully here, there is no point in appointing a manager who will further turn the fans against the board. They need to look for someone with a West Ham connection who is willing to invest in youth, they need to go on a charm offensive.

Another wrong move here that splits the club further could be catastrophic.

Chris Hughton is the new favourite at 2/1 with Betfair, I’m not convinced he is the perfect fit either, but I think he would be a better choice than McClaren.

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  1. Stani Army says:

    I’m absolutely relieved! I think his reasons for not putting himself in the running may have involved the Chairman we currently have, who no doubt will put off a few managers yet. I also feel that the main thing that put Mcclaren off is that he thinks he is a better manager than he actually is. He’s deluded and good luck to him….and especially the club that hires him!

    Personally, with regards to the pposition West Ham are in, my no.1 would be Paul Lambert. My second choice would be the team of Poyet and Taricco at Brighton. Most fans are calling for O’Neill, but I’m concerned at his tempermental nature. They also like Hughton, who I think – though he may get us out the Championship – would be limited thereafter. Lambert knows the division, yet is also a highly rated up and coming manager that can grow with the club upon potential progression into the premier league. I think he’ll take a big risk in his career if he were to stay with Norwich should West Ham come calling for his services.

  2. Hi Tj,

    In the long run maybe West Ham might be a better job with more prospects for Lambert, but I’d be amazed if after taking Norwich up he turned down the chance to manage in the prem league and dropped back down to the championship.

    He’d probably get accused of bottling it and it might damage his reputation.

    Yes there is an element of risk with Norwich, if they are relegated out of sight by christmas, he risks looking like he is just a lower league manager.

    But if you look at Ian Holloway, even if Blackpool go down, no one can really say he has been a failure on the budget he has had to work with.

    So depending on his budget, Lambert could end up in a no lose situation.

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