The inevitable end for Avram Grant

I’d imagine all West Ham fans are pleased to see the club have wasted no time in showing Avram Grant the door in the wake of their relegation. I fully expected Grant to go the day after the Hammer’s relegation, but even that would have been a day too long for him at the club.

I obviously don’t know Grant and he comes across as a decent bloke, but I think we -the jury – are now certain that he is guilty of being a crap football manager.

He did well as manager of Chelsea, where he had a ready made team that was used to winning. He got relegated at Portsmouth with well documented problems at the club, but he did get them to the FA cup final.

West Ham was his big chance to prove that he was a good manager. He had owners prepared to pay big wages and experienced internationals in his squad, he was on an even playing field this time and he blew it in a big way.

To get relegated would be bad enough, but to go down as the bottom club and a week before anybody else is a major underachievement given the resources available to him.

Grant appears to have a good knowledge of the game, but I think he is best used in an administrative role.

Owners, Gold and Sullivan have to take their share of the blame. They appointed Grant, they then backed him at Christmas after undermining him in public and are now paying the price for their own mistakes.

The big question now is, are they going to pay with their wallets, or are they going to put the club in administration?

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