A successful season for Manchester City

Victory in the FA Cup and a top 4 finish, despite spending all the money they have I’d still class that as a decent first full season for Roberto Mancini and his Manchester City side.

I’m slowing warming to Mancini, at the start of the season I thought he would struggle to make it to the end still in a job. I thought he treated Craig Bellamy badly and that the Welshman had more chance of being at Eastlands for the start of the 2011/12 season.

I still think he is perhaps too negative and this could have an impact on City’s chances of eventually winning the title under him, but he is certainly taking City in the right direction. And who knows, this could be part of his game plan and we could be treated to a more expansive City next season.

I also like his attitude towards the players, in telling Carlos Tevez to effectively shut up or put up, he is showing that no one man is bigger than the club or the project they are undertaking.

Expectations will have gone up for next season, I’d imagine that Mancini will have to improve on this seasons league position and his team will probably be expected to be a real contender for the league title.

God knows who will come through the door this summer now, but one thing for sure is they’ll all be world class performers.

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