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I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t see Kenny Dalglish working out as a success when he was put in caretaker charge of Liverpool back in January. I though that Kenny had had his day and would be out of his depth after such a long time away from managing a big club.

How wrong was I? I am pleased to admit I got it wrong as I am a Dalglish fan and am happy to see him back in football.

I still believe that Roy Hodgson was treated badly by the fans, if the fans had got behind Roy in the same way they have Kenny, then he may well have been a success also.

At the time of Hodgson’s sacking I thought it was another of these stupid situations where all the fans thought they knew better and had hounded out a better manager to the detriment of their club.

Where Kenny has proved me wrong, is that he has shown with unity and everyone pulling in the same direction, you can be successful. Obviously, without Kenny, Liverpool wouldn’t have this unity.

Common sense seems to have returned to Anfield. There is now no rash decisons, no stupid promises that can’t be kept.

Another common sense decision is the one to also give Steve Clarke a 3 year contract to run parallel with Kenny’s deal. Clarke has plenty of experience and is working proof of the theory that surrounding yourself with good people is a recipe for success.

It will be interesting to see what the transfer policy is this summer. The new owners are yet to put any of their own money up for transfers as Suarez and Carroll where bought with the Torres and Babel cash.

Kenny must have faith in the new owners to put money up, otherwise I doubt he would have signed. He may well have brought a lot of the yougsters into the 1st team, but obviously he needs some more experienced heads in the squad. How much money will he be given for the rebuilding?

What happens over the summer will probably go a long way to finding out just how serious the new owners are.

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  1. Stani Army says:

    I thought the same thing as you. I think it demonstrates what the role of a manager in football is to be honest. With so many technical staff and coaches around him, his primary job is man management using interpersonal skills, as long as you know the basics of football and keep it simple, which Dalglish obviously would as he’s played the game.

    One thing that doesnt please me when something like this happens is fans never put blame on the players but always on the outgoing manager (Hodgson in this case). Liverpool have pretty much the same players but are playing totally different under Dalglish than they did under Hodgson and the reason why is probably mostly because they want to. And that is quite sad. It also shows how impressionable footballers are and the power of the psychological side of the game. All that has changed under Dalglish is the mind-set.

    I completely agree with your point about the fans. Unfortunately, they will use the excuse of Dalglish’s success as proof they were right. But the fans were just doing the same thing the players were…kind of sulking, for want of a better word. Suddenly Dalglish the name comes in and everyone’s got a smile on their faces.

    Typical Liverpool fans though; they already think they’re going to win the league next year!

  2. Yep, exactly mate, just a change in mindset, I am still convinced that if Roy Hodgson had been given the same backing that he would have come good in the end.

    The same thing happens at Newcastle, once you don’t have the backing of the fans at clubs like these two, you’re pratically finished.

    In the past I’ve had a problem with it because you end up with deluded fans influencing boardroom decisions.

    Where I’ve changed my mind, is that I now think at clubs like Liverpool and Newcastle you may as well give the fans what they want even if it is the wrong manager.

    You may as well have fans backing a manager they like, than have them against a (maybe) better manager that they don’t want.

    It’s pointless for the board to take on the fans, just look at Newcastle.

    I also think that Liverpool fans shouldn’t be getting too carried away, let’s see what the owners do this summer.

    I think they should be happy to get back in the top 4 myself, that will be an achievement, never mind talk about winning the league, that’s madness!

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