Why bother watching West Ham?

I’ve heard and read a lot of flak aimed in the direction of the West Ham board of directors for their non show at Eastlands to watch – in David Sullivan’s view – the teams latest poor away performance.

Sullivan came out with the excuse that as the team have been poor lately and the match was on tele, there was no point in going.

I sincerely hope the West Ham fans don’t adopt that attitude to watching the team when they are poor, as there won’t be much of a club left in 12 months.

Sullivan has to take his share of the blame for the teams poor showing. There’s not much point in him complaining that he isn’t a £20,000- £60,000 a week footballer and blaming everyone else, as it was he and the board who appointed Avram Grant – the main reason why they are where they are.

On top of that, it was he and his board who kept Grant in his job last January after making a pig’s ear of recruiting Martin O’Neill. Sam Allardyce has also been available since December, like O’Neill, another man who would probably have kept the Hammers up.

Basically I see Sullivan’s comments as the beginning of the end for Grant. It looks like the same appauling attempts at undermining the manager as he and David Gold kept doing to Gianfranco Zola last season, again when the team was in the midst of a relegation scrap.

A lot of what Sullivan said is true, but you don’t undermine the team and manager in this way at this stage of the season, he needs to keep it to himself.

Sullivan is a part of the board that appointed and kept Grant, so he has to accept he is just as much to blame.


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