Congratulations to Scott Parker

On becoming the Football Writers’ Footballer of the Year, I was pleased to see Parker – who is my player of the year – get the reward for his outstanding performances in his attempts to save West Ham from relegation.

Even though Parker could go down with the Hammers, it has been an exceptional season for him. On top of this award he already looks to have nailed down a midfield spot with England.

Avram Grant is apparently positive that Parker will still be at West Ham next season, that depends on relegation in my view. Parker will have to leave if they go down, he will never keep a place in the England team while playing in the championship.

Regardless of whether West Ham go down or not, I think Parker would be more than justified to leave West Ham unless they buck up their ideas in the summer. ie, sack Arvan Grant.

The best positve for West Ham is that Parker may not want to move to a club he doesn’t see as any bigger than the Hammers. Arsenal won’t come in for him and neither will Manchester United or Chelsea. Maybe Spurs or Liverpool might tempt him, but I’d doubt anybody else would.

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