North London Derby or El Classico?

I though that the English league won hands down on Wednesday night, Arsenal V Spurs was far more entertaining than the so-called El Classico, although I don’t think there will be too many coaching manuals wrote based on the defending at White Hart Lane.

Arsenal will again be accused of not being able to hold a lead after letting a 3-1 lead slip, they had the chances to go 4-2 up and finish the game off before Wojciech Szczesny brought down Aaron Lennon, what was he thinking? Lennon was going nowhere.

In fairness to Spurs, they looked the more likely winner after it went 3-3, but the game probably should have been over long before that.

Onto Spain and I don’t know what Mark Bolton was talking about at full time on Sky Sports when he said it was turning out to be a classic. I missed the 1st half and from what the commentators were saying during the 2nd half, it was an improvement on the 1st – and from what I seen of the 2nd half, it wasn’t anything special.

I often hear it said that Mourinho is a lucky manager, I thought he rode his luck at times on Wednesday, but he came up with the goods again, I’m no fan of his, but it takes more than luck to keep doing what he does.

I expect him to employ similar tactics in the champions league, I hope that Barcelona don’t get sucked in again like they did on Wednesday. I would love to see Barca wipe that smug look off his face.

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