Arsene Wenger loses the plot again

Why did Arsene Wenger have to gesticulate his displeasure towards Kenny Dalglish over the award of the late penalty today?

It was another blatent example of Wenger’s increasing petulance and bad sportsmanship. In my opinion it was also disrespectful and it makes Wenger look like a total fool.

Wenger has brought so much to the English game with his nurturing of young talent and his ‘pleasing on the eye’ brand of football. For all that he has done and achieved, I feel I should like him, but because of the manner he sometimes behaves in I find it hard to warm too him.

Today’s latest embarrassment comes only a few weeks after his stupid outburst in Barcelona.

There is a question of the timing of the penalty award, but the original free kick that led to the penalty was awarded in the 9th minute of injury time, the referee added a minimum of 8 – a penalty was scored by Arsenal during that 8 minutes so the referee must have added on time for that. So what has he done wrong?

Wenger’s claim on Sky Sports that time was over is stupid, as was his view that it wasn’t a penalty. If he thinks a game is over before the referee blows the final whistle, then he is a bigger fool than he looks.

The facts of today’s match are that Wenger’s team just weren’t good enough. It was a penalty, Eboue’s attempted tackle was ridiculous, what the hell was he trying to do?

Instead of blaming Dalglish or the referee, Wenger needs to take a good look in the mirror if he wants to find the real culprit for Arsenal not winning the title.

Alex Ferguson has done him again, he has made Wenger look stupid which is quite an achievement considering Wenger does it brilliantly for himself.


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