Scott Parker – My PFA Player of the Year

When the PFA player of the year is announced later on tonight, I hope, but don’t expect Scott Parker to be the winner.

It’s not very often that a player from a club at the bottom of the league picks up the award, that’s why I don’t expect Parker to win it.

For me though, Parker has been exceptional again this season, he has carried West Ham virtually single handed at times over the last 24 months.

Even though West Ham are in a dodgy position in the league, it has been a good season on a personal level for Parker.

He has started to get the accolades his performances have warranted. He has at last forced his way into the England team – a couple of years too late in my view and this nomination is further proof of the quality of his seasons performances.

His talents seem to have no boundaries, apparently he has even had to manage West Ham at times – the infamous team talk at half time when they were 3-0 down to West Brom.

Sadly I don’t think this will all be enough for Parker to win. I’d imagine Vidic or Tevez will probably pick up the award, continuing the trend of someone from a big club winning it.

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