Two in two for Heurelho Gomes

It’s hard enough facing Real Madrid with 11 in form men on the field, it must be all but impossible taking them on when you have a goalkeeper that gifts Cristiano Ronaldo two goals.

Gomes clearly didn’t think he had helped the Madrid cause enough when he dived up and over Ronaldo’s tame shot last week, as this week he managed to fumble a routine strike through his hands and into the back of the net to finish off Spurs slim chances of going through.

Gomes is always prone to one of these, he pulls off some remarkable saves at times, but you always know that there is one of these coming somewhere down the line. He is very much like David James was in his prime – if that’s what you want too call it.

Reliable keepers are hard to come by, this is clearly why Alex Ferguson is so keen to keep Edwin van der Sar on at the club beyond the end of this season. He might not make saves of the quality that Gomes can at times, but you never see him chuck one in like Gomes did tonight.

van der Sar is more steady, reliable and consistent. Gomes can make unbelievable saves at times, but match them with unbelievable clangers at other times.

It was never likely to be for Harry Redknapp and Spurs tonight, they had a go in the first half and on another night they could of had a couple of penalties. But once Gomes had blundered, that was it.

I know the tie was already dead, but I did find the sight of Jermain Defoe coming on with around 30 minutes left and Spurs needing just the 6 goals a touch amusing, Defoe usually more than 30 minutes to get in 6 decent first touches, let alone 6 goals.

The striking department is an area that Harry Redknapp badly needs to reinforce if Spurs are to move up to the next level.

Spurs now have to pick themselves up for the rest of the league campaign, they are still in with a chance of getting the last champions league spot, while they also have to be careful not to get caught by Liverpool for 5th place.

There was also no major surprises in the other quarter-final with Schalke going through. Everyone will be telling us that Man United are already in the final, but I’m sure we have been here before.

United have a great record of getting to the semi-finals and getting knocked out, and apparently Schalke were the weak link in the draw ahead of the quarters, Ferguson and United would be well advised not to underestimate the Germans.

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4 Responses

  1. Stani Army says:

    I was surprised Redknapp chose him over Cudicini who did great every time he played for Chelsea. But when Cudicini came on for spurs, he looked surprisingly ordinary. I think if you want to be a top side that wins cups, you have to have a reliable keeper, as Arsenal have shown. I dont blame Arsenal’s lack of trophies completely on this, but it is a big reason.

    I agree about Spurs’ strikers too. ManU, City, Arsenal, Chelsea and even Liverpool, the teams Spurs are competing with, all have world class strikers…or striker in Liverpool’s case. Spurs do not. I think Defoe will move this summer too.

  2. That’s it SA, the best sides all have a reliable keeper, Spurs and Arsenal don’t.

    In both of those teams cases it is more than a keeper, Spurs need a top class striker and Arsenal need a leader and organiser at the back, and probably in midfield as well.

    Look at Arsenal when they were successful. Seaman, Lehmann (although he had his moments of madness), Adams, Keown, Sol Campbell, Viera.

    Chelsea – Cech, Terry, Carvalho, Essien, Makelele, Lampard.

    Man Utd – Van der Sar, Schmeichel, Ferdinand, Vidic, Bruce, Pallister, May, Stam, Fletcher, Keane, etc.

    All the top sides are built on solid foundations, Arsenal just don’t have that at the moment.

    It’s basic stuff really, Ferguson has probably signed Chris Smalling to be Ferdinand’s long term replacement, I don’t see that happening at Arsenal.

    As for Defoe, I’ve never been a massive fan. He’s a good player at a small club for me. But not good enough to play at the top level, a 15 minute, last throw of the dice, sub at best.

    Fills his boots against the likes of Wigan, but out of his depth when the one big chance comes in the real important big match – and a first touch worse than Emile Heskey!

  3. Stani Army says:

    Absolutely Dean. It’s this replenishing Fergy does that is his true strength. That’s why there is this seamlessness between every Championship team he builds. Other clubs have a good winning side, the players get old and then there’s a transition period as new players settle and youngsters are brought in. Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City (for the first time) are going through it, Chelsea will have to start next season, but Fergy just does this so smoothly, as in the example you gave of Smalling. Involves a lot of foresight. It is quite brilliant the way he does it, again and again.

    Yes, It’s that backbone isn’t it? And the backbone has to begin at the keeper. Spurs and Arsenal lack it.

  4. Totally agree with that. I give Fergie stick at times over referees, and rightly so in my view.

    I am also a fan and happy to praise him for what he gates right, and there is a lot he gets right, such as the continuity of his squad – and in a lot of cases it is just plain old common sense, something Wenger seems to lack.

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