No luck for Fergie as usual

Bad luck that is, this time.

Ferguson can’t complain tonight, that’s for sure, as Chelsea were denied a blatent penalty when Evra brought down Ramires late on.

Even the usually calm Carlo Ancelotti resorted to confronting the referee on the pitch at the end, it was most unlike the Italian who usually stays away from referees and criticising them. Something I don’t believe he gets the credit he deserves for.

All in all, I thought United did well and probably just deserved their win tonight, although had Chelsea equalised I wouldn’t have argued that a draw wasn’t a fair result.

But considering Chelsea were the home team, I think it’s fair too say that at times United looked a bit too comfortable. United were in control for most of the first half, before Chelsea improved in the second half.

But Ancelotti’s team just didn’t do enough for me.

That said – like Rio Ferdinand – I don’ think this tie is over. One thing that Chelsea have in their favour is that they are still in the tie, it’s not beyond them to go to Old Trafford and win 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1.

They have won at Old Trafford before in big games, so why not again!

Barcelona’s thrashing of Shakhtar was no real surprise, but I’ve just watched the goals and some of them where a joke.

Like last night, the defending on show was awful. That’s Tottenham, Inter Milan and Shakhtar all getting a good thrashing in the quarter-finals of the champions league. All three of them defended more like teams that get knocked out in the group stages.

It’s disappointing, but three of the ties are already dead.


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2 Responses

  1. Stani Army says:

    Despite Spurs being down to 10 men, they were still playing as if they just did not belong there. There was a clear difference in them and the way the United and Chelsea players looked in terms of belief for example.

    To be fair to Fergy, he has had a few go against him at Stamford Bridge. I can understand why the ref did not give the pen as it appeared to look like Evra got his foot on the ball, even though he didnt. The extra official who had a better view, maybe should have spotted it. It seems they’re just there for goal line decisions and are reluctant to say anything to the ref regarding other decisions. Bit of a waste really.

    Ancelottis reaction was of a man under pressure. Abramovic has always wanted the champions league. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ancelotti is sacked at the end of the season, depending of course on who is available to take up the position.

  2. I know what you mean about Spurs, maybe a few of their players thought that was it when the draw was made.

    ‘We’ve had a good run, but hey, never mind if we lose now.’

    Harry can’t admit it, but I wonder if he has found out a good bit about a few of his players after that performance.

    With regard to the Chelsea penalty, yes the extra official should have spotted it, as should the ref really. But I can understand why he didn’t get it, Evra did his get his foot to the ball ‘eventually’, maybe the ref wasn’t 100% sure and therefore just couldn’t give it.

    But it was still a very poor decision.

    You could be right about the extra officials ony being there for goal line decisions, that is the one real area where technology could be brought in, this looks like a last gasp attempt by Blatter and Platini to prevent the technology coming in.

    As for Ancelotti, I’ll be amazed if he is still there next season, he will probably still get sacked even if he wins the Champions League.

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