Everyone wants to play Schalke

That’s all I heard before and since the draw for the Champions League quarter-finals, apparently the German side are the weakest team left in the draw.

Personally, I don’t think they are weaker than Inter’s defence, some of those goals I seen on the tele tonight where a total joke. Inter appeared to have no defence, it so un-Inter-like and so un-Italian-like defending. They are certainly more entertaining under Leonardo.

As a team, Tottenham Hotspur didn’t defent too brilliantly either.

Jermaine Jenas picking up Adebayor at the corner for his first goal, no one preventing the short corner for the 2nd goal, Assou-Ekotto showing Di Maria the inside for the 3rd goal and a Gomes special for the 4th.

All 4 goals seemed preventable.

Jamie Redknapp’s analysis of the 1st goal on Sky Sports made no sense either. To blame Aaron Lennon’s late withdrawal as a reason for the marking apparently getting mixed up sounds laughable to me.

Lennon wouldn’t have been down to mark Adebayor, a big man would have been. So too say that was the reason why Jenas ended up marking him sounds a bit limp to me. Spurs obviously just got it wrong.

That means your Dad made a mistake Jamie.

Crouch’s red card was stupid, he owes his teamamtes a big apology and Harry didn’t sound too convinced by Aaron Lennon’s excuse for not playing, it will be interesting to see of any more is made off this.

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  1. JK Cameron says:

    It’s sounds like Aaron Lennon bottled it. There can be no other reason for his withdrawal so late before the game.
    The pundits are leaning towards that but no-one is saying it. He should be ashamed.

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